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"Let's Get Ready To Crumble" by Dr. Dinar

."Let's Get Ready To Crumble!"

by Dr. Dinar

Finally. Actually, it's more like FINALLY!

Like climbing Mt. Everest in the strongest of storms, it comes in steps. Tiers if you will.

One foot in front of the other, step after step, after step, until finally, just when you begin to think it will never happen, it does.

You've finally reached the peak and shockingly enough, the climb is over. Or is it.

Actually, no, it isn't. Yes, your original goal of reaching the top has been accomplished. And that is definitely a feat in and of itself.

Matter of fact, congratulations on making it this far. As far as I'm concerned, we all deserve a survival medal of some kind. Even if it's only because we've kept our sanity for this long.

But lest we forget, post mountain top celebration, after your flag has been planted, you still have to make it back to the bottom of the mountain.

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