Bix Weir: "Repos Going to 20 Trillion THIS Month"

Bix Weir:

Repos Going to $20 Trillion THIS Month...then We DECIDE on Bank Bailout!!

RoadtoRoota:  Oct 7, 2019

Would you want a banker bailout or would you rather lose your life savings?! Delaying hard choices are WHY we are in this mess in the first place! Just say "NO!" when they come begging!

Give the banks enough rope to hang themselves then pull the trigger. Destroy the financial system

Things are very bad behind the scenes and getting worse everyday.

Set off the “Derivative bomb” and go back to some kind of “sane monetary system” .Could be gold, or silver or cryptos…….Let the people decide…..

The path we are on started Sept. 11th of this year. In 2008 it was a one time bailout…..this seems to be much larger and much more prolonged….and I think 20 Trillion is the number to watch for.

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