Bix, TNT, Okie, X22 and more Friday Night 10-11-2019

Bix Weir

RED ALERT! Fed Announces Permanent Bank Bailouts to Save the System!!

RoadtoRoota:  Oct 11, 2019

The Fed has announced QE4 and will by BUYING toxic assets from the 4 Failing "Too Big to Fail" banks at face value. We have now transitioned into the Exponential Bailout territory looking for a $20T bank bailout from US Congress in November 2019!!


Moggie:  Hi Everyone... Just came from WF Bank picking up an order.... For the first time ever the bank teller asked me if I had heard anything and I just kind of looked at her and said no.... and her comment was " you know your going to need a body guard when this comes out". They have always before asked me when I was traveling….. I am so excited........

Okie was just on TNT CC Friday:   Just a quick hello. We’re on the cusp. Thanks for prayers and it should go by Tuesday-imo

Shooter:  Partial China deal leading the way


Cutebwoy:  Iraqi government announces the restoration of Internet service around the clock

October 11, 2019 Walter

The Ministry of Communications announced on Friday the restoration of the Internet service around the clock after experiencing semi-continuous cuts, especially worsening protests in the capital Baghdad and a number of provinces last week.

The ministry said in a brief statement today that it has received official approvals on the return of Internet service as of this day and the return of service around the clock.

Activists and users in the provinces, which witnessed demonstrations and other social networking sites continue to block despite the return of Internet service.

The Iraqi government has banned the Internet over the past few days in Baghdad and the central and southern provinces against the backdrop of bloody protests that killed dozens of demonstrators and wounded thousands.

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Okie_Oil_Man :   I've been keeping up with the RV situation 24/7.  We are certainly on the cusp... [I keep waiting for you, Okie, to say the plan has landed.]  I'll be glad to say that as soon as it does. By next Tuesday it is a strong possibility if not a probability, according to what I'm being told, right or wrong.  Time will tell.



Don961:  The US central bank is increasingly divided over the next step in monetary policy

- 6 Hours Have Passed

The latest meeting of the US Federal Reserve showed that most policymakers in the Fed supported the need for a rate cut at their last meeting in September, but remained increasingly divided over the future course of monetary policy.

According to the minutes of the meeting issued yesterday, the Board also agreed that a discussion should be held soon to decide on increasing the size of the central bank budget following the turmoil in the short-term money markets.

At their meeting on Sept. 17-18, policymakers decided by a 7-3 vote to cut the benchmark interest rate by a quarter percentage point to between 1.75 and 2 percent.

"Most participants felt that a 25 basis point (quarter percentage point) reduction in the federal funds target price target would be appropriate," the Fed said in the minutes.

But the limits of consensus did not exceed that. While everyone is increasingly concerned about the risks associated with the Trump administration's escalating trade wars, particularly with China, as well as slowing global growth and other developments such as the Brexit, they disagree on what that means for the US economy.

A number of policymakers felt that it was appropriate for the Fed to cut interest rates now to ward off risk, while others said the current outlook for the US economy does not justify a rate cut.

"They argued that the main uncertainties are unlikely to be resolved soon," the report said. Moreover, not believing that these uncertainties could derail growth, they saw no need for further monetary easing at the moment. ”

A number of policymakers pointed out that statistical models predict that the possibility of a recession in the medium term has increased in recent months, and some warned that the labor market in early 2019 may be less robust than previous estimates, according to preliminary reviews of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Fed has cut borrowing costs twice this year after raising interest rates nine times since 2015. Seven of the 17 policymakers said last month they expect to cut rates again this year. Five said they saw no need for further cuts, and another five expected a rate hike by the end of 2019.

Investors widely expected another rate cut at the next meeting on October 29-30.

Reuters    link

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