A Self-Made Millionaire Spills ALL His Secrets

A Self-Made Millionaire Spills ALL His Secrets

How to Become a Millionaire!

Do you want to become a millionaire but you’re not there yet?

It’s not your fault that you haven’t reached your goal just yet.

There’s much that’s been written on personal finances and becoming rich. But only a small percentage of individuals in the U.S., 5% by recent estimates, are millionaires.

If all the advice that’s readily available worked, there should be a lot more millionaires.

But there aren’t.

And one of the main reasons is that too much of the written advice is one-size-fits all, completely ignoring the reader’s unique situation.

As A First Generation Millionaire, I’ve read over 100 books, listened to countless audio courses, and sorted though an endless number of tips and ideas on building wealth, in my quest to accumulate my first million.

Most of it didn’t work. Or, to be fair, most of it didn’t work for me.

In some cases, the author, who was a real millionaire, suggested things I was not in a position do to at the time. Launch a start up. Become a landlord. Speculate in penny stocks. Trade foreign currencies. Buy foreclosures.

I was a twentysomething with a full-time career, putting myself through college at night. With that commitment, I didn’t have much bandwidth, nor did I want to abandon my ten year plan to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree while working full-time.

I was looking to learn from someone like me, who kept their day job, but somehow still built wealth and reached their financial goals.

When I was younger, I never found that mentor or author. But the book Millionaire Next Door gave me hope.

It made me realize that there were probably many in my community who figured out how to become a millionaire, and I reasoned at least some must have gotten there by keeping their day job.

The book convinced me I just didn’t recognize them because they tend to blend in. They didn’t want to be noticed. They were happy to keep their wealth accumulation secrets to themselves.

And now I get it, what’s the upside to going public?

Money is one of the last taboo discussion topics in our society. That has to change because, all too often, the truth about building wealth is being concealed from those who want it most.


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