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Bix Weir: 

ALERT!! Silver Price Rises as Manipulators Lose $BILLIONS!!

Published on Sep 23, 2019

A hand full of Silver Price controllers are losing $Billions on their COMEX short position as the silver price moves up and out of their control. Hang on tight to your physical silver!!

I do think we will be seeing “Perp walks” son

First Lady Melania Trump rings the opening bell at the NYSE

Published on Sep 23, 2019

Patriot Intel Report 09 23 19

We are in the Season of Harvest


DELTA:  Finance Minister discusses with CITI Bank to complete banking preparation for the second step to start financing projects


Rommy:  IMO  Its very probable, at a recent Citi executive meeting there were a lot of very anxious happy attitudes.  Wonder if any of the execs have acquired Iraq dinar?  Sorry, dumb question.  LOL


Samson:  Trade Bank of Iraq
23rd September, 2019
A reference to what some social media has taken from a government bank.

We would like to stress that the cards issued by the Iraqi trade bank and its electronic payment system are fully secure.

And that what happened yesterday from a stop of atm was due to the maintenance of the banking system. We assure the bank to take all possible measures to protect its customers.   LINK

Tommy17:  This is interesting getting ATMs ready to go online with the new international rate.   IMO


Samson:  Iraq receives an official invitation to participate in the World Economic Forum (Davos)

2019/23/09 0:51

The President of the Republic Barham Saleh, at his residence in New York, the President of the World Economic Forum Klaus Shawalba, on Sunday, on the sidelines of the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly.

"The need to build a new economic order in the region that supports civil peace in all countries," the president said, stressing the need for the economy as a supporter of peace through the links created by the labor market."

For his part, Shawalba appreciated the president's economic orientations and expressed his hope for concerted efforts to create a positive economic environment for work.

Saleh received an "official invitation from the World Economic Forum to participate in the Davos Forum, and thanked Shawalba for this invitation."   LINK


Samson:  A scary number of foreign debt on Iraq and warning of its dangers

2019/9/23 8:15

The parliamentary finance committee decided not to receive the 2020 budget from the government if it contains a large fiscal deficit, while continuing to hold meetings with the Ministry of Finance to discuss on reducing the deficit and dependence on non-oil revenues.

Chairman of the Committee Haitham al-Jubouri said in a press statement that the budget for the coming year is still in the stages of preparation by the concerned government authorities. He added that "the government is concerned with finding solutions to fill the budget deficit other than oil revenues," pointing at the same time that "can not predict things unless the budget reaches the dome of the House of Representatives."

For his part, member of the Committee, Ahmed Mazhar al-Jubouri, said that "the Committee has already suspended debts, especially foreign, in the budget of 2019, at a time when there is an obligation to continue the debt as it was present during the war on the ISIS gangs. He explained that "debt, especially foreign amounted to 125 billion dollars," noting that "its survival portends a threat to the economic future of Iraq."

He noted that “20 debt clauses will be in the budget of 2020, after the Committee held with the Ministry of Finance five meetings during the past month, as part of these debts were loans imposed on Iraq by the World Bank,” pointing out at the same time, that the research He continues to find solutions to fill the budget deficit next year.”  LINK


Samson:  Signing a security agreement between Iraq and China

2019/09/23 16:41

Iraq signed a security agreement with the People's Republic of China on Monday.

The Minister of the Interior in a tweet on his account Twitter: "During our visit within the Iraqi government delegation headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, we signed a memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Security of the People's Republic of China."

He added: "We will continue to work with friendly countries to eliminate terrorism and dry up its sources."    LINK


Samson:  Iraq and China sign eight memorandums of understanding

23rd September, 2019
The Iraqi and Chinese governments signed in Beijing on Monday eight agreements and memorandums of understanding in the presence of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

The agreements were signed, according to a statement issued by the Iraqi government today, at the end of the expanded round of talks between the Iraqi and Chinese official delegations held in Beijing today headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Chinese Premier.

The agreements and memorandums of understanding, according to the statement, included the areas of finance, trade, security, reconstruction, communications, culture, education and foreign affairs.

At the forefront of the agreements and memorandums of understanding signed, the agreement on the implementation of the mechanisms of the framework agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Chinese Agency for Credit Guarantee (Sine Shore), and the agreement of economic and technical cooperation, and a memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce on cooperation for post-war reconstruction in Iraq.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Communications and the China Office of Aeronautics in Satellites, a security memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Public Security in China, and a memorandum of understanding on the executive program of cultural cooperation.

They also included a memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi and Chinese foreign ministries on the lands allocated to the diplomatic missions, and a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Information Office of the State Council to establish the Chinese Library at Baghdad University.

On the premier's proposal, the Chinese premier welcomed the establishment of a joint committee to promote cooperation and achieve practical results of the agreements signed to enter into force and achieve its goals.

They discussed the situation in the region and the identical positions of the two countries towards it and Iraq's good relations with all neighboring countries, the region and the world that serve the security and stability of the country and the whole region.   LI



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