Miracle Call, Frank26, TNT and more....Monday afternoon 8-26-19

Miracles Intel Conference Call Replay with Scott Mowry from Sunday night 8-25-19

On this  conference call we had massive breaking news to share which has occurred over the last few days regarding the global economy,  including: the implementation of the new Quantum Financial System (QFS); the take down of the Federal Reserve; the US-China trade negotiations; and much more. 

We can confirm to you there are multiple major developments unfolding at this time as the US military, White Hat Patriots and President Donald Trump regain control of the American, as well as, the global economy from the elite families and international bankster cabal. 

• This week, President Trump has significantly stepped up his attacks on the privately-owned central bank corporation known as the Federal Reserve, and most particularly, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. All is part of a major public relations operation to prepare the American people for big changes which are now underway to the global economic system. 

• The timing of all these major new developments is coinciding with the Federal Reserve’s annual summer meetings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as well as, the G7 Summit 2019 ongoing this weekend in Biarritz, France. 

• In addition, on Friday, August 23, the President came out swinging against the Chinese Communist Party and the stalled trade negotiations by imposing new harsher   tariffs on imports coming from China. President Trump is attempting to address years of abuse by the Chinese government upon America by rectifying the extremely unfair trade relationship between the two countries in a landmark fashion. 

• All of this focused attention on China is occurring while the citizens of Hong Kong are in an open revolt against the ruling Chinese Communist Party, as well as, other countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Make no mistake about it, what you are witnessing in Hong Kong is nothing-less-than historic. 

• Meanwhile, there has been no new word from “Q” since August 1 as the 8Chan platform still remains dormant at this time. 

 Replay Number: 712-770-5402   Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again


Samson:  The start of the meeting of political leaders in the Office of the President of the Republic

2019/8/26 18:04

Political leaders began their meeting on Monday afternoon at the office of President Barham Salih.

A source (for Euphrates News) that "the meeting was attended by the leader of the National Wisdom Movement, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, and the three presidencies, and the heads of the Alliance victory, Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi platform Iyad Allawi, Faleh Fayyad, as well as heads of political blocs; to discuss the political and security developments in the country and the region."    LINK

Iobey777:  Yeah...wonder what else they are "discussing"? Hmmm?? Maybe they are making plans for a Big Celebration after the Big Announcement!!  IMO....


Samson: Khazali: demonstrations will return in October next .. Record!

26th August, 2019
Revealed the Secretary - General of the League of Sheikh Qais al - Khazali, on Monday, that the demonstrations will return to Iraq again in October next month, in what was considered that the Israeli shelling of a practical step towards war. 

Khazali said in a joint dialogue with a number of satellite channels will be broadcast this evening, that "what happened from the Israeli bombardment is a practical step towards war," stressing that "if Iraq is subjected to aggression requires our intervention and confrontation, we will do so." 

Al-Khazali added that "the demonstrations will start again in October," stressing by saying: "Record this talk."  On his demand to change the regime to presidential, Khazali stressed that "the presidential system is what made the United States of America a strong country, and also made Iran a strong country."    LINK


Frank26:  WE FOUND IT

Streamed live 78 minutes ago


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Frank26   ...this interview we are calling the "second article" from the CBI to the citizens concerning their monetary reform...it contains the information..about...many different things but mainly they're going to introduce new small category notes, the 1, 5, 10, 20 that will coexist with the three zero notes they have right now...this was an interview solely for the citizens of Iraq to be broadcasted and constantly repeated throughout the day....24/7 it will be broadcasted for a specific amount of time...I think it'll probably start...sometime next week...Monday or Tuesday is where I'm hoping for...



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