"Let's Get Ready To Crumble" by Dr. Dinar

"Let's Get Ready To Crumble!"

by Dr. Dinar

Finally. Actually, it's more like FINALLY!

Like climbing Mt. Everest in the strongest of storms, it comes in steps. Tiers if you will.

One foot in front of the other, step after step, after step, until finally, just when you begin to think it will never happen, it does.

You've finally reached the peak and shockingly enough, the climb is over. Or is it.

Actually, no, it isn't. Yes, your original goal of reaching the top has been accomplished. And that is definitely a feat in and of itself.

Matter of fact, congratulations on making it this far. As far as I'm concerned, we all deserve a survival medal of some kind. Even if it's only because we've kept our sanity for this long.

But lest we forget, post mountain top celebration, after your flag has been planted, you still have to make it back to the bottom of the mountain.

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Which, in our case, the "bottom of the mountain" equates to a randomly undisclosed Exchange Center supposedly located in an abandoned strip mall, monitored by self-flying safety drones, within 80 miles of your house.

And I truly believe that with each passing day we're getting ever closer to completing our journey. Our trip back to our home Base Camp.

For the most part, while it can be difficult to actually see our progress, mainly because the fog in Dinarland can be so thick 'n heavy at times, the evidence is undeniably all around us.

One look from above the fog and it gets easier to tell that we have to be getting closer to our goal each and every day.

After all, how long can they have everything "done", everybody "in position and ready to go", without finally releasing this thing. This thing called a GCR.

A year. Check. Two years. Double Check! Three years and counting... once again, Check! Check!! CHECK!!!

However, at some point this out-of-control snowball has to crest the top of the mountain and begin its steep descent down the other side of Mt. GCR.

And despite popular opinion, I truly believe this "sticks 'n stones and broken bones" filled snowball is actually picking up speed. At least a sense of urgency anyway.

And when I say picking up speed, all one has to do is take a look at the quickly crumbling Global Economy from an "outside the U.S. box of fake news" perspective and it's easy to see.

Don't bother turning on your TV for anything resembling the truth. They tend to paint a very nice picture of the U.S. economy and just how well our USD is doing in relation to the global markets.

Which, believe it or not, it is. At least it appears that way, anyway.

Problem is, as well as it "appears" to be doing, it's only because we happen to be the prettiest pig at the Miss Universe Pig Pageant.

They've pretty much gussied up the good ol' USD, slapping on as much makeup and lipstick as it can possibly hold, all in hopes of painting a very pretty picture.

Then had the nerve to declare us to be the winners. Strictly by default, of course.

But it worked. At least as far as Arnold Ziffel and most of the world is concerned anyway.

Day after day, week after week, the rest of the world continues to clammer to the only known safe harbor. The good ol' dependable USD. The prettiest pig in town.

What is it they say again about "Any port in a storm"? Well, we, meaning the U.S., just happens to be said port.

The "storm" in question happens to be an economic collapse of global proportions.

As sad as that is, that's a sign of progress, pushing us ever closer to the asset-backed switchover we all anxiously await.

Eventually the current FIAT based system will run out of sinking shoulders to climb on and will be forced to go asset-backed as well, finally declaring the U.S. is good to go. Good as gold!

Otherwise, it will be the "crumbling" felt 'round the world. If they continue on as they are, that is.

And from the ashes, the U.S. will rise, once again living up to the hype as the greatest country in the world. And well deservedly I might add.

So kids, I highly recommend you grab your popcorn, your favorite drink, and get comfy on the couch.

We've payed our money, along with our yearly "You're crazy, it's too good to be true!" dues, for these well worn Pay-Per-View seats.

Now it's our turn... Let's Get Ready To Crumble!

Hang in there folks, this journey is almost over.


Dr. Dinar

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