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Samson:   The Central Bank establishes a unified database for the banking system between its branches and the Center

26th September, 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq established a database for the banking system (ICBS) in its branch
in Erbil in a move to consolidate the main database in Baghdad and other branches.

 This bank confirms that the remittances in the payment system (RTGS)  made by banks to
their accounts in Erbil and Basra branch can be carried out directly and in real time,
while the accounting department in this bank is currently working towards linking thedatabase with the Mosul branch, and it is hoped that they will be completed before End of the year.

 Central Bank of Iraq  information Office  2019/9/26


Don961:  this is cool ... "DIRECTLY IN REAL TIME" ... moving forward ... imo


Samson:  Hundreds of companies and dozens of countries are participating in the 13th Erbil International Fair

26th September, 2019
It is scheduled to open the 13th session of the Erbil International Fair in the next few days with the participation of 300 companies from 24 countries.

"The 30th of September will witness the opening of the big exhibition which includes many fields such as agriculture, industry, construction and food," Mohammed told local Kurdish media.

"It has been decided that the exhibition will last for 14 days," he said, expecting to see a lot of people visiting.

He pointed out that the countries of France, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, India, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, China, Poland, Sweden, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, America, Malaysia, UAE, as well as Iraq and the Kurdistan region will participate in this session of the Erbil International Fair.

He pointed out that this comprehensive and annual exhibition held in the Kurdistan region includes all areas, pointing out that the region aims to attract the largest number of companies and countries. LINK

Samson:  Parliamentary discloses 75 Iraqi banks and fictitious amounts

26th September, 2019
A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Kazem al-Sayyadi, called on Thursday to activate the principle of "where do you get this" after people "barefoot who have nothing" acquired malls and dozens of banks and commercial buildings and hundreds of banking companies.

Sayadi said in a press conference held in the House of Representatives today, "Corruption in the Iraqi state has become a culture of strengthened corrupt parties, a scourge eaten the Iraqi state and we have to be plans no slogans and programs no propaganda and work and no elections," stressing the need to "constitute The House of Representatives committees to follow up all the files of corruption from 2003 until today.

He pointed out that "all state funds were wasted and turned into malls, banks, buildings and investments in the pockets of corrupt," pointing out that "there are 75 banks and fictitious amounts of people who had nothing, as well as money in the hundreds of people were barefoot people and there are apartments, villas and investments billions of dinars and there in Al-Jadiriya, Al-Mansour and Al-Karkh in the capital Baghdad many of the destitute yesterday became owners of money for stealing state funds."

The fisherman said that "it must be activated" from where you this "to hold accountable corrupt who stole state money from some parties and some heads of blocs," explaining that "there are banks left behind by political parties known by the Iraqi street and do not know why did not open the files of banks, banking, villas and buildings inside and outside Iraq".

A member of the Integrity Committee called "his committee to open the file of banks and the names of their owners, shareholders and all houses in the high-end areas who had nothing," calling on "the House of Representatives to take responsibility and citizens who know the money and deficiencies to investigate."  LINK


Samon:  Russian delegation offers to build a nuclear reactor in Iraq

26th September, 2019   Appearing again today

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Science and Technology, Qusai Al-Suhail, discussed with a Russian delegation an offer to build a nuclear reactor in Iraq in cooperation with the Russian government

The ministry said in a statement seen by Al-Iqtisadiah that the meeting was held at the University of Baghdad, during which the minister was briefed on the offers made by the Russian state-owned company Ross Atom in order to build a nuclear reactor for peaceful and medical purposes

The Minister was briefed on the details provided by the Russian delegation

For its part, the Russian delegation expressed Moscow's willingness and willingness to cooperate with the Iraqi ministries concerned with this project in order to obtain consensus on the project

The ministry pointed out that the technical delegations of the two countries will meet before the end of this year; to discuss the details of the offer made by (Ross Atom), and the suitability of the Iraqi requirements and needs  LINK

Don961:  U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that a deal to end a nearly 15-month trade war with China could happen sooner than people think.  link

Don961:  Economist: agreements with China will not affect Iraq's relations with America

by Ali EjamEconomics23 Hours ago

Baghdad - “Liberation squares”

Economic expert Malaz Al-Amin ruled out the influence of China and the current agreements between Iraq and Iraq on our relations with the US and the economic agreements, stressing that the trade between the two countries is developed and this has nothing to do with the economic sanctions imposed by Washington on Beijing.

The Secretary said in a press statement that "Iraq's relations with China, a historical relationship that dates back to more than six decades in the Republican era and several centuries at the level of the Iraqi and Chinese people," noting that "the Prime Minister's visit at the head of a large government and official The Government has the right to elevate these relations to the highest degree in all sectors, centered on infrastructure, roads, bridges, communications, investments in the agricultural, industrial and tourism sectors and increasing trade exchange. ”

He added that China imports most of its oil needs from Iraq, while Iraq imports its needs from China, which starts with cars and does not end with telecommunications and clothing. The United States through high tariffs. ”

"Iraq is a sovereign country and has the right to establish relations with the countries that achieve its interests," he said. In addition to investment in the sectors of agriculture, transport and tourism, which contributes to the growth of the national economy and the creation of new jobs for the unemployed, the Iraqi government will find that it and to serve its people to follow this approach to conform with the national interest.   link


Don961:  The United States and Japan reach a preliminary trade agreement

 25 September 2019 09:21 PM

Directly:President Bush (TRUMP) said that the United States has identified preliminary details on the trade deal with Japan in a broader framework

The first phase of the agreement will facilitate the access of US $ 7 billion of US agricultural products to Japanese markets, Donald Trump said at the signing of the contract with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the United Nations on Wednesday

The US president also stressed that Japan will reduce or eliminate tariffs on products such as beef, pork, corn and wine

The US president said Washington and Tokyo had pledged $ 40 billion in digital commerce

The document, signed by leaders today, outlined "the important steps we are taking towards a fair and reciprocal trade agreement," Trump said

The developing agreement comes as Trump tries to mitigate the damage from his efforts to eliminate what he calls unfair global business practices    LINK

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