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Iraq - Iraqi dinar - IQD

RATE DATE Current Date  26. September 2019

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Date: 9/26/2019

Day of Week: Thursday


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Unfortunately we are not able to provide online money transfers from IQD to USD at this time.

MadeeandLyndee:  So what is the significance? 

Jay:  All Imo, But not much. But it is worth perking up and taking notice to see what happens next.  Hence why I said let's see what they do next. Could just be an update. To think anything else at this time would be unwise. I want to see what they do now. The CBI site being taken off line 3 times in one month was also interesting. I have never saw the CBI do that in my 7 yrs. 

Delta may have something here or it may be nothing.  Either way I'm grateful he's on top of it. All said with respect and no negativity. Just staying grounded. I think Delta is referring to this statement that is on the site I linked below. I have never seen that either...imo

Unfortunately we are not able to provide online money transfers from IQD to USD at this time.

From the site.

1 IQD  =  0.00083508  USD


Henquist:  Is anyone able to confirm with links  the currency value requirements for the ISX/Nasdaq that supposedly will commence October 1 please?  

Cornhusker:  IMO if you were a country and you were going to change the currency  and the value of your currency when would be the best time to make the change ,well at the end of the fiscal year most countrys do it on september 30th ,in my opinion not  long to wait.if a person has a 25000 note and the value changes 1 to 1 in country and the international rate is 3.00 your 25000 note would be over 75000 ,how about that.

Rodman13:  in country (iraq) 1 to1
25,000 = 25.00
10,000 = 10.00
5,000 = 5.00 
1,000 = 1.00
500.00 =.50
250.00 =.25

in the usa at 1 to 1
25,000 =25,000k
10,000 = 10,000k and so on and so on

All imo, hope this helps

Rodman13:  sorry, should have said when iraq drops the 000, all they are doing is moving the decimal point, imo

Don961:  Officially .. Georgieva selected as director of the International Monetary Fund

 25 September 2019 10:08 PM

From: Ahmed Shawky

Directly: it approved by the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund formally to choose "Kristalina Georgieva" to assume the post of Director General of the Fund and Chairman of the Executive Board for a period of five years

Bulgarian "Georgieva", the former World Bank director, is the first person from emerging market economies to lead the IMF since its inception in 1944

The IMF said in a statement on Wednesday that it had concluded the selection process for the successor of Christine Lagarde, which was launched by the Executive Board on July 26, after interviews with "Georgieva", to lead the IMF as of October 1

"It is a great responsibility to be at the head of the IMF at a time when global economic growth remains disappointing, trade tensions persist, and debt is at historically high levels," Georgieva said

The new IMF director stressed that our immediate priority is to help countries reduce the risk of crisis and prepare for recessions

"However, we must not lose sight of our long-term goal of supporting sound monetary, fiscal and structural policies to build stronger economies and improve citizens' lives    link


Don961:  The world's wealthiest families store money as recession fears increase

25 September 2019 08:55 PM

Mubasher: Cadwalder Wickersham & Taft's former partner says there are tough times for family investment offices trying to invest cash

The family offices are investment offices that manage the money of families with great wealth formed over several generations

In comments quoted by Bloomberg on Tuesday, the head of the family office, Rick Stone, expressed doubts that the bond market would provide any real return over the next decade

Much of the venture capital and private equity funds would continue to chase very few opportunities, according to Stone

Stone, a 60-year-old, says the time is too difficult for family offices to allocate money

"There are few areas available for investment and there is a lot of money looking for them," said Stone, who runs the bi-monthly meetings of the Palm Beach Investment Research Group, a network of 35 family offices in Palm Beach, Florida

That vision is in line with the Global Family Office report, which includes 360 family offices around the world surveyed for the UBS Global Family Office report for the year released earlier this week

According to the report, 42 percent of family offices around the world collect and maintain cash


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