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Don961:  Today .. The first session of the third legislative term

Friday 13 September 2019

Baghdad / morning 

The first session of the third legislative term of the House of Representatives will begin on Saturday, amid the likelihood that the new chapter will be "hot" because of the files and laws that are supposed to be discussed by the House. 

Today's session includes a report and discussion (second reading) of the proposed amendment to the law of first amendment of the law of transplantation of human organs and prevention of trafficking No. (11) of 2016, and the report and discussion (second reading) of the draft law ratifying the protocol of 2014 supplementing the Convention on Forced Labor No. 29 of 1930

The first reading of the draft law of partnership between the public and private sectors

and a number of other items contained in the agenda of the session,

while this table of important files such as the resolution of the post of Minister of Education.  link


Don961: Parliament votes on "sovereignty" and "missing and absentees" file

14th September, 2019
The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on two issues concerning "Iraqi sovereignty" and the file "missing and absentees."

The correspondent of Twilight News from the parliament building that "the House of Representatives voted to form a committee to follow up government measures to take the necessary measures to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq, including heads of political blocs and representatives of the committees of foreign relations, security, defense and legal."

He added that "the House of Representatives also voted to form a committee to follow up the government procedures file missing and absentees and the return of the displaced, including heads of parliamentary blocs and representatives of the committees of security and defense, displaced and human rights and legal."   LINK

Samson:  Iraq receives an international award by electronic payment

14th September, 2019
Iraq won the best smart card at the global event (International Financial Prize 2019) Best Smart Card- Finance 2019 awarded to the global smart card company.

The member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Jassem Al-Aradi that "winning an international award in the detailed electronic payment is an important step, in the light of developments in the reality of electronic payment in the country, which touched the need of the Iraqi family, and is getting its dues effortlessly, via electronic payment card." 

He pointed out that "this award represents a new impetus for the company to develop the joints of its work and the development of new products rise to global," pointing to the "importance of supporting national companies that achieve success in their field, especially when the evaluation is international."

Iraq won for the first time in its history the award, which is the result of a great national effort for an Iraqi electronic payment company was able to transfer the reality of financial transactions to a sophisticated stage interacted with the public significantly and now embraces a family of 7 million beneficiaries, a figure not reached by the largest banks Region.

An official source in the company confirmed that the company invests in the youth sector and provides job opportunities for a large segment of them, and provides services that touch the need of the Iraqi family, stressing that "this award represents a new turning point in the company's work, and a motive for the development of work mechanisms and the presence of the Iraqi family During the adoption of new, more sophisticated systems contribute to the creation of new products.    LINK


Don961:  Washington: It is ironic that Iraq remains hostage to Iranian energy

2019/09/13 09:51:41

 The US Treasury Department on Friday criticized Iraq's continued import of gas and electricity from Iran.

"We understand the need for Iraq to import gas from Iran," US Treasury Undersecretary for Counterterrorism Affairs Marshall Bellengelsia told a news conference.

 "It is ironic that Iraq remains hostage to Iranian energy for more than a decade."

Iraqi Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban said Wednesday that his country would continue importing gas from Iran to cover the southern provinces' need for electricity.    link


Samson:  Government source reveals program of Abdul-Mahdi's visit to China

14th September, 2019
The economic and political circles in Baghdad are looking with optimism to the forthcoming visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to China on September 19 for four days, and it is reported in some economic circles that the visit will lead to the signing of about 30 large memorandums of understanding between Baghdad and Beijing include construction, construction, services, trade and industry.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said last week that "the Department of Asia and Australia in the ministry organized a consultative meeting for a number of representatives of Iraqi ministries and institutions," highlighting that "the discussion was reached on the memorandums of understanding and agreements, which are expected to be signed during the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to the People's Republic of China at the end of this month."

Abdul-Hussein al-Hunayen, an adviser to the Iraqi prime minister, said that "Abdul-Mahdi will head to China on the 19th of this month at the head of a large delegation, characterized by clear economic features, including ministers, advisors and businessmen."

Al-Hunain said to the Middle East that "the program of the next visit and economic files, which the Prime Minister holds major projects in roads and transport, services, education, health and other," noting that "the Iraqi and Chinese sides have prepared well for the visit in the past months, through continuous meetings With major Chinese companies, and complete the financing model through the Iraq-China Joint Reconstruction Fund."

Al-Hunain expects to sign during the visit "major contracts and agreements in the sectors of industry and agriculture, construction of schools, hospitals, housing, roads, trains and bridges," adding that the visit "falls within the philosophy of the Prime Minister in opening up to the world", and that Iraq "a friend of all, and an influential factor In the world and forms a bridge between all the different."

The prime minister's adviser pointed out that "China will not be the last in this deal, there is a large trend towards the United States to sign major contracts ready with US companies, such as (Exxon Mobil) and (GI) and others. In addition, Iraq has opened its doors to Its neighbors are to work and invest in it, on top of which are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, the Gulf states and Jordan. "

A large delegation of members of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) visited Baghdad in April to discuss Chinese investments in the reconstruction of liberated areas, and met with Iraqi officials and discussed with them coordination of Iraqi-Chinese cooperation in the fields of reconstruction, security and economy.

China welcomed the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to Beijing. "The Chinese side attaches great importance to developing relations with Iraq and looks forward to seizing the opportunity of this visit," said Tao. To make joint efforts, hand in hand with the Iraqi side, to further consolidate and deepen the Sino-Iraqi political mutual trust. "

Tao also expressed the hope that "the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi will contribute to enhancing the level of mutual cooperation in various fields, promoting human and cultural communication between the two friendly countries, and jointly drawing up future plans for China-Iraq strategic partnership relations."   LINK


Samson:  IMF official: The global economy is "far from recession"
14th September, 2019

Trade tensions are affecting growth around the world but the IMF is "far from" expecting a global recession, an IMF official said

The official spoke as the IMF prepares to issue new economic forecasts next month

The IMF said on Thursday that tariffs imposed or threatened by the United States and China could cut 0.8 percent of global economic output in 2020 and trigger losses in the coming years

"Trade tensions are affecting growth," said the official, who is familiar with the forecasting process

"While manufacturing activity is weak, we also see resilience in the service sector and consumer confidence is holding. The question is how long that flexibility can last," said the official, who is not authorized to speak publicly

The IMF issues economic forecasts twice a year to coincide with its spring and autumn meetings, including global GDP forecasts for the current and next year    LINK

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