KTFA Members "News and Views" Thursday Afternoon 10-10-19


2Cents:  Parliament postponed to 4........Mahdi attending.........

3 ministers to be dismissed and 5 voted including education.......no change in MOF........

Interesting they delayed this session until late in the day.......we will be watching this closely....IMO

Karbala includes Sunday as Holiday.........Keep in mind the mass migration for this holiday is to Karbala.......watching for announced holiday from Secretary of COM....would be very interesting if it includes Sunday........

It will also be interesting if it includes Tuesday as we know the COM has a planned meeting Tuesday.....

Currency Sales remain under the 122 mark........

CoCo:  Adil Abdul-Mahdi was appointed October 25, 2018 and was given one year to complete the monetary reforms. Will he complete the task by Friday, October 25, 2019?  Tick Tock Madhi, Tick Tock...

2Cents:  Minister of Health resigned.....New Minister of Health voted and approved......adjourned too after the Holiday   I think that makes a full cabinet.......  IMO

Ryan216:  Do we have a fully seated GOI now? Was the education minister voted on?  

2Cents:  IMO........Yes   Suha Khalil  was voted in as Education Minister......


ChrisC:  You know, events like this are meant to look spontaneous, and they are to the people in the street, but what we are seeing is most likely a piece of an elaborate plan that was made years ago in preparation for this time. 

The coordination of this and the imminent banking collapse is too much for my brain to handle as coincidence.  What happened in '08 is lining itself up again in a big way. 

I was ignorant to what was going on then, but I have been watching for its return ever since and it looks like it is here. 

My CIA buddy told me the plan of the patriotic members and it is right on course so far.  Most people are just like I was in '08, oblivious to what is about to happen, but for those of us in this deal, we are about to see the sun shine in a big way. 

The prior leadership NEVER EVER EVER intended for the people to recover from the blow that is about to hit.  It would have been the Dark Ages all over again as far as what they planned.  QE was only meant to enrich the banks even more and NOT ONE DOLLAR ever got down to us. 

This plan is going to make all of us heroes of our communities and will DEFINITELY quickly restore the country as the stimulus funds are starting at the bottom this time.  I am with Frank on this, it is soon, and relax in knowing that our President knows what he is doing. 

There is nobody that I can even think of that would be better in that position for this event than him.

Samson:  The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers sends an important invitation to the owners of contracts and daily employees

2019/10/10 15:22

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers called on Thursday employees of contracts and daily wages to review their departments to settle their salaries.

 The Secretariat said in a statement received (Euphrates News) a copy, that "employees of contracts and daily wages to review their departments for the purpose of completing the form of salary settlement."

The secretariat gave no further details in its statement.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  So they are settling Salaries after Banks Closed in Baghdad 15:22? No further details given... lol Kinda makes you go hmmmm lol I like it. What a beautiful day! imo ~ MM 


Samson: Trump: There is a very good chance of a trade deal with China

10th October, 2019

US President Donald Trump says there is a very good chance that the United States and China will reach a trade deal, and that if he can make a deal, he will make it.   LINK


Don961:   Abdel Mahdi reveals a list of “top corrupt” names within hours

Thursday, October 102 019 11:08

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi vowed on Wednesday evening to reveal what he called "the country's top corrupt". Abdul-Mahdi said in a speech to the people:

"We will issue a list of names of the top corrupt convicted after hours ," pointing out that "several decisions will be issued later in a campaign against corruption in Iraq." 

He also revealed the issuance of a decision to release all detainees from the demonstrators unconditionally, stressing that it "directed not to use live bullets and violence against demonstrators."



Samson: Deputy: Parliament is determined to take reform measures at the highest levels

9th October, 2019
Member of the Council of Representatives, Mansour al-Baiji, on Wednesday, the Council's intention to take reform measures at the highest levels.

Al-Baiji said in a statement received (Mawazine News) a copy, that "the House of Representatives will not retreat by taking reform measures on the demands of the demonstrators, which is a natural right of the people and inaction." He added, "The House of Representatives will play a large role by pressuring the government as the executive body to achieve the largest part of these right demands advocated by the people and we will work to legislate the important laws and deactivated by the grim quota that destroyed the country."   

He pointed out that "all political parties that ruled the country after the fall of the former regime to take a lesson after the exit of these demonstrations by the people of the Iraqi people to demand their legitimate rights and to work during the next stage to provide services and achieve what the Iraqi people aspire and this is a legitimate and natural right". 

He warned all political forces of "the consequences of ignoring the demands of the demonstrators or work to procrastinate because everyone is waiting for the promises of the Prime Minister and the parliament to achieve their demands, so the next stage must be a renaissance of the submission and fulfillment of the demands and we hope that everyone line up in line to achieve them."   LINK


Samson:  Karbala holiday announcement on the occasion of the forty visit

2019/10/10 13:22 

The local government in the province of Karbala, the holiday of the forty visit in the province.

The chairman of the provincial council, Ali al-Maliki said in a statement received by the agency (Euphrates News) a copy of it that "it was decided to disable the official working in the holy province of Karbala for five days, on the occasion of the visit of the Arbaeen Imam Hussein, peace be upon him."

Al-Maliki added that "the holiday starts from Sunday, October 13, until Thursday, 17 of the month." "This holiday does not include security and service departments," he said.   LINK

Don961:  Iraqis are floating on oil ... and sinking into poverty, unemployment and corruption

  Baghdad - the new Arab
October 9, 2019

  How can citizens in a country that is the second largest producer of OPEC crude oil suffer all this poverty and sink into unemployment? An easy question to answer is to know the extent of corruption that has absorbed the blood of the Iraqi economy for years. 

Amid growing living crises and rising regional political divisions, thousands of Iraqis took to the streets , demanding intuitive rights: a job, social justice, and a halt to corruption . 

  The homes of Iraqis lack safe drinking water and electricity, and the quality of public services is so low that citizens have no confidence in getting out of hospitals alive, amid a significant drop in education levels. Decrepit roads, infrastructure and transportation often do not suggest that the country receives billions of dollars a month in oil sales.

Since 2004, Iraq's national income has been estimated at more than $ 1 trillion, based on oil revenues exported in the same period.In addition, governments after the occupation received nearly $ 200 billion in grants, loans and various assistance, most of which came from the United States and various European countries.

According to official figures from the Iraqi Ministry of Planning that the country's poverty rate reached 22.5% in 2019, which was confirmed by the ministry's spokesman, Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, earlier. That is, about a quarter of Iraqis are poor In figures, 8.6 million people suffer from poverty in this oil country.

 Iraq is one of the largest Arab countries producing oil, and Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luaibi revealed in August that his country is working to raise production in the coming years to 7.5 million barrels per day, up from about 4.5 million barrels per day now. The size of Iraq's proven oil reserves is about 112 billion barrels, and Iraq holds the largest reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia.

  As of December 2018, the unemployment rate for adults (15 years and over) was 13.8%, according to a report by the Ministry of Planning and the Central Statistical Department in cooperation with the World Bank. Unemployment rates for the 15-24 age group increased by 27.5%. 

In September, the Parliamentary Committee for Economy and Investment announced that unemployment and unemployed graduates had exceeded 42% across the country and that the number of unemployed graduates could exceed 5 million at present.

Iraq, on the other hand, ranked 168 out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perceptions Index released by Transparency International's 2018 report.

The Central Bank of Iraq in July 2018 that "the total income of Iraq between 2005 and 2017 amounted to $ 706 billion, of which $ 703.11 billion was spent."

While Rahim al-Darraji, a member of the Iraqi Integrity Committee in parliament in 2017, confirmed that there are more than 5,000 fake contracts in construction projects and infrastructure, amounting to $ 228 billion. 
"The number of fake projects in Iraq since 2003 (after the US-British invasion), and up to 2019, more than 6,000 projects," said Jassem al-Bukhati, a member of the Iraqi Parliament's Services Committee. It is about 200 trillion Iraqi dinars, or about $ 178 billion, over the past 16 years. 

  Also, the Commission on Parliamentary Integrity announced at the end of 2018 on the loss of Iraq more than $ 350 billion through currency smuggling, auction of the Central Bank and lagging contracts and fake projects.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who was oil minister in 2015, said Iraq's budgets since 2003 amounted to $ 850 billion. Corruption has left the country with $ 450 billion, with a 6 percent GDP for government employees, or 20 minutes a day, he said.

"Personal corruption, which some estimate consumes 3% of the total," said Abdul-Mahdi.
He added that: "huge amounts means that what is stolen by fraud methods .. At least $ 2 billion annually, and this is a great disaster must be addressed and reduced to get to stop."  

In fact, corruption exceeds $ 2 billion annually, and a senior official pointed out in a statement earlier to the "new Arab" that "more than 40 cases of corruption in Iraq totaling nearly $ 100 billion is not allowed to open, such as the Russian arms deal and the Ukrainian arms and prefabricated schools deal Gas power plants, Ministry of Commerce's rice and flour processing tenders, explosives detectors, Central Bank dollar auction, agricultural finance loans, industrial finance, oil smuggling, construction contracts, investment licenses, army salaries and support council salaries. ''

In 2004, during the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority following the US-British occupation of Iraq, the Central Bank of Iraq established the so-called "hard currency daily auction" as part of its efforts to revalue the Iraqi dinar. Sometimes this amount is usually from Iraqi oil revenues sold.

The auction has continued to operate in this manner ever since. Iraqi observers and officials estimate the value of the dollar sold in this auction over the past fifteen years, more than $ 300 billion, most of which came out of Iraq to other countries without achieving benefit for the Iraqi dinar and its value, which remains under the logical limit of the fifth largest oil producer in the world (1200 dinars per dollar).   link



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