IQD CALLS Chat Monday Evening 9-23-19 Part 2 of 2

IQD CALLS Chat Monday Evening 9-23-19 Part 2 of 2

Young_SC      Kaperoni Facts from the Finance minster? Alak? CBI? GOI?

Zig   I don't

Dave   what about that article from saleh from a few yrs ago

Kaperoni   You take everything from the CBI as truth, fact and Tebow says no float cause the CBI that there is a document from the CBI stating the money supply you disregard it? that is hypocritical.

Kaperoni   There is no RV. later.

Kaperoni   see    ya zig

Dave     Kaperoni Saleh article 4T

Zig"2019-06-17 07:11   The Central Bank of Iraq revealed on Monday the amount of cash mass outside the Iraqi banks, pointing out that it is more than 39 trillion dinars"................VERY RECENT  6-17-2019

Dave   Zig and the COI has frozen 120 billion usd in foreign accts

Dave   at least .......

Dave   thats a few T yeh?

Sparky   Dave ... I simply get stuck on how they can support and sustain anything besides where they are at now... pressure is needed to raise the value and sustain it...but, I have really no idea...maybe they can pull a rabbit out of their hat...who knows...not me... just looking for some positive movement...

chattels   " Melania ringing the opening bell and US Marshalls ringing the closing bell could be a sign……let’s hope it is..." - 9-23-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ

chattels   A sign of what ?

chattels   What on earth does the honorary opening and closing of the stock exchange have to do with our event ?

chattels   Here's your sign.

chattel   s

chattels   I am not sympathetic to people who will say most anything, but I am less sympathetic to those that will believe everything said.

Dave   Sparky who said cbi was ready for anything

Dave   chattels stiff upper lip

chattels   My presence and continuing participation in the dinar world may belie my own gullibility and naivete.

Dave   chattels you work on whats most probable or reasonable...correct?

Dave   beyond a reason of o doubt

Dave   gotn qa run

Sparky   Dave ... nobody with a clue...

Sparky   Dave ...imo, a few more hurdles to jump over...

Sparky   Dave ...more secure and stable today...but... tomorrow may take 10 steps back... especially if Israel and Suadi get serious about Iran...

Sparky   ...why bother with Kap's opinion, if you don't agree, simply agree to need to slander the man... just allow him to have an opportunity to express his force is involved...

Sparky gun to your head... I respect the man for sharing his opinion in this room, it's a better place, with Kap contribution here...imo...

Foxmulder   Everyone has their opinions, Kap thinks he is correct because of his research. I go by possibilities . Nothing is done until it is aBLOODY DONE .. period ! I wait patiently...

foxmulder   unlike some people I have actually made money on currency ! When Iraq opens their market and traded on the forex .. then I will pay attention. Currency fluctuates !!! That's a fact.regardless what country it is.

Sparky   xyz ... nobody should be berated, because of differing should never get that far...

Foxmulder   Sparky people seem to think that guidelines are to be followed to the letter ! Totally respect opinions by others . I just think their assessment is not exactly as they claim .

Zig   Sparky : The voice of reason speaks..... :Thumbs-up

Sparky   foxmulder ...Future project of Iraq...?

foxmulder   Sparky I'm looking my last who has all the previous outlines is not in contact . But that is one of many .

Foxmulder   IRAQS currency will reflect their GDP accross the board. The main objective is to eliminate corruption.

Chattels   Iraqi Parliamentary Defense Committee: most of the political blocs in Parliament want a law to expel US forces. We are pressuring Parliamentary leadership to get this done.   LINK  …

chattels    Have a fine evening all.

foxmulder   Yep great news ! So much for our good friends in Iraq

chattels    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Baghdad should pay Erbil’s debts to international oil companies before the Kurdish administration agrees to send 250,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil to Iraq in exchange for its share of the federal budget, Kurdish MPs have said.

According to 2017 data, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) owed an estimated $3 billion to oil companies operating in the Kurdistan Region.

xyz   Zig ever heard of complex molecule?

chattels   The Iraqi government has $87 billion in reserves and can easily afford to repay the debts, he claimed.

foxmulder   And we are counting on these clowns .. what the heck was I thinking

chattels   According to Mirza, Baghdad is currently sending the KRG just 454 billion IQD – enough to cover public sector salaries. Under the 2019 budget agreement, Baghdad is supposed to send the KRG an additional 68 billion IQD to pay the salaries of its Peshmerga armed forces

Chattels   A KRG delegation will also soon visit Baghdad to thrash out the issue, after Abdul-Mahdi returns from a high-level visit to China.


foxmulder   COMPLEX MOLECULE. Some molecules, such as the plastic in a snorkel, contain hundreds or even thousands of carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine atoms joined together in long, winding chains. Such complex molecules are called polymers

Sparky   xyz ... I hold Dinar, if that is what you mean...and, hope to profit substantially...

Sparky   foxmulder ... yes, slow, gradual rise in value, due to inflationary pressure caused by the Reconstruction phase...yet to come... after Art 8 acceptance by Iraq..

Foxmulder   Sparky boulderdash, Iraq and the CBI can do whatever they choose to do . Whatever course they decide nothing and I mean nothing is written in stone concerning their desire to change their policy concerning currency.

Foxmulder   The IMF are guidlines

foxmulder   Sparky me either

Larrykn   hi all

Sparky   xyz ...else what ? You'll turn me into a frog ?

larrykn   I was reading what Kap posted above

larrykn   The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, the amount of cash mass outside the Iraqi banks, pointing out that it is more than 39 trillion dinars.

The bank said in an official statistics seen by Alsumaria News that the amount of currency outside the banks amounted to 39 trillion and 796 billion and 700 million dinars during January 2019, noting that this amount decreased from December of 2018, which amounted to 40 Trillion and 498 billion and 67 million dinars. "

Larrykn   now if they can remove 1 Trillion dinar off the streets in one year whats to say they couldn't remove lets say 30 trillion dinar off the streets by not renewing it or replacing it, and then I always wonder what does removing of the zeros mean, could that remove the Trillions to Billions???

Sparky   larrykn ... first off, trillions to billions is a lop...pretty simple... unless they practice magic, like Z...

Sparky   larrykn ...only 2 ways to turn T to LOP...or slow, ie float... slowly...

Sparky   larrykn ...the latter would make us profitable, over time...imo

Sparky   xyz ... wish my pockets were that deep...

Sparky   xyz ... I'm gonna throw my hat in for PM...

Sparky   xyz ... couldn't be any worse...

Sparky   larrykn ... another question, how would the day to day economy survive, if they didn't Renew the notes ?

Sparky   ...oh well, time for bed...

Xyz   The central bank issues a decision to cover the market need of small monetary categories

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, to cancel the fine shortage of deposits of small categories of banks, attributing the decision to cover the market need of new notes for small cash groups.

"In order to cover the market need of new banknotes for small cash denominations" 250, 500 and 1000, "it was decided to cancel the shortage that may appear in bank deposits of small cash denominations for a limited period," the bank said in a statement received by the Economy News. , Indicating that "it comes to achieve the desired goal of withdrawing the damaged cash currency in circulation."

He added that "the counting and sorting of banknotes damaged for these categories require time and effort from the competent staff for the difficulty of counting in the counting machines."

Xyz   9-23-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 ...What Iraq is doing is introducing a new small category note to replace the old three zero notes because those three zero notes are going to become as extinct as a brontosaurus. They'll eventually fade can not use the three zero notes with the new rate that they're going to introduce.

sandyf   Young_SC sandyf The "Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on Monday (19-August-2019) the" government direction to reinstate the currency and delete zeros from paper currency in order to strengthen the national economy

I have never questioned what has been reported by Iraq or the CBI, only the interpretation of the reports. Iraq has been saying since 2007 that the plan to remove the zeros for all sort of reasons.

You just refuse to accept that replacing the IQD with a currency of a higher value is a revaluation of the dinar and which would achieve all the objectives you keep referring to. Views that appear to be based on an ignorance relating to the difference between the monetary unit and the currency.

sandyf   @JoeSchmoe This kinda scares me, because of what people say about both notes coinciding for 10 years---After redenomination, old notes may still circulate for a time, but are usually exchanged for the new redenominated currency.

There is a lot of confusion over co-existence. Initially dual pricing will come into effect where both currencies are accepted in retail outlets. This will only happen for so long, possibly about a year. thereafter the old currency can only be exchanged at designated banks, that is where the 10 years would come in.

Internationally it is a different ball game all together. A country can only have one national currency and international banks will only exchange the national currency. The day a redenomination takes place the IQD will no longer be the national currency.

As I have said before as far as redenomination goes, Iraq faces an extremely complex problem with regards to the amount of currency outside the country, something that no other country that has redenominated has had to deal with.

Dave   nor has any other country been bombed into obscurity/sanctioned ...looking for weapons of mass destruction.....?

Dave   IQN......have not heard about that for awhile

Dave   so yes different situation....agrred

Kaperoni   I am here just a a minute to answer the following...

Kaperoni    23 Sep 19, 07:35 PM larrykn   now if they can remove 1 Trillion dinar off the streets in one year whats to say they couldn't remove lets say 30 trillion dinar off the streets by not renewing it or replacing it, and then I always wonder what does removing of the zeros mean, could that remove the Trillions to Billions???

Kaperoni   Larry, there is a simple answer to this question...

Kaperoni   The auctions...

Kaperoni   The principal of the auctions is to maintain a "balance" between dinar and dollars to create stability. Currently, the CBI has maintained a 2% or less difference between the official rate and market rate as a result for some 16 months.

Kaperoni   If you were to remove the dinar it would create an "imbalance" and create demand. Therefore, the market rate would rise as a result of that demand. So not only does the auction provide a source of dollars to pay for imports, and a revenue for the CBI (commissions) but it is a tool of the CBI.

And for that reason, they cannot remove the dinar at this time until the have an alternative to replace the auctions. That alternative could be a market economy and convertible currency that is accepted and traded worldwide.

Kaperoni   That is why they cannot significantly reduce the money supply in Iraq. That is why a float makes sense. Because once in Article VIII, and floating the CBI can use it's new tools to buy/sell currency and reduce the dinar gradually.

Kaperoni   ok later.

Jo   Kaperoni Thank You

Jo   Proof of Geoengineering, Cloud Seeding, Weather Manipulation, Chemtrails

Jo   Eyes up. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies!

Xbruster69    the need for small categories...