IQD CALLS Chat Early Wednesday 10-9-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Wednesday 10-9-19

chattels   Iraq Parliament votes on laws to address protest demands: 1) work of provincial councils ended, district & local councils canceled; 2) financial grants for unemployed; 3) financial grants for students & poor; 4) compensation for protest victims; & more.

chattels   Iraqi official numbers put protest victims at 110 killed & more than 6000 injured. MP from Nasr Coalition says these numbers are not accurate. In visit to one hospital alone there were 100 killed.

chattels   Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi’s office says an agreement has been reached with protest coordinators to suspend protests until after Arba’iin visits on 20 October. Protest demands include resignation of PM.

chattels   When is Arbaeen?  Arbaeen is a national holiday in Iran.

It is observed on Safar 20 or 21, the 40th day after Ashura, the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad, in 680 AD.

History of Arbaeen  --  Arbaeen is one of the most important ceremonies in the Shi'ite Muslim calendar.

Arbaeen, means forty in Arabic as forty days is the traditional length of mourning after the death of a family member or loved one in Muslim traditions.

Imam Hussein was killed at the Battle of Karbala in central Iraq on 10 October 680 AD.

Around 20 million pilgrims will gather in Karbala on Arbaeen, making it the world’s largest annual human gathering. Many of the pilgrims travel barefooted from across Iraq and more than 50 countries.

chattels   Arba'een Pilgrimage HTTPS://

chattels   Arba'een 2019 will begin in the evening of  Saturday, October 19 and ends in the evening of  Sunday, October 20  Dates may vary.

chattels   tman23 Hello. Any reason to be hopeful about any return on our investment in the IQD according to your sources ?

chattels   Near term, longer term, never - ever term ?

chattels   Tens of Iraqis begin to request unemployment grants which Iraqi Parliament approved today.

chattels   Arguably just another form of payout / payoff to a limited class or segment of Iraqi society.

chattels   Pompeo laments 'tragic loss' of Iraq protester lives, urges Baghdad’s ‘maximum restraint’

chattels   Tuesday, October 8, 2019  Are Iraq’s Protests Coming To An End?

Pres Salah gave speech condemning violence against protesters and offering more promises of reform (Al Mirbad)

chattels   Iraqi politicians continued to be out of touch with the seriousness of the situation. President Barham Salah gave a speech where he said that the shooting of protesters was unacceptable and an investigation would be launched Then he promised reforms like fighting corruption, which is what officials have been saying for years now with no follow up ever happening.

Even worse, National Security Adviser Falah Fayad claimed that the demonstrations were part of a plot to bring down the government, which had failed. He said the perpetrators would be punished. This mirrored comments made in Iran about enemies of the two countries leading the demonstrations.

Finally, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the prime minister and said that that Washington believed in the government and the Iraqi forces. President Salah was the first high official to criticize the security forces for gunning down people in the streets. The rest of his remarks were empty promises.

Security Adviser Fayad repeated rhetoric made last year about the riots in southern Iraq, which attempted to discredit the popular discontent by claiming they were being manipulated. Finally, Secretary of State Pompeo was basically supporting the government’s repression.

This was a revolutionary moment, where popular anger boiled over, made worse by the shootings by the state. It leaves the future of Iraq largely up in the air. What will happen with the upcoming provincial elections? What kind of credibility will the government have?

Will anyone listen to the prime minister after some leaders like Moqatda al-Sadr and Haidar Abadi came out for his removal? Abdul Mahdi was already seen as being ineffective. His standing has dropped to as low as it can go right now. Yet, the Iraqi political system continues with all of its institutional deficiencies as if killing over 100 of its own people was no big deal.

chattels   " This was a revolutionary moment, where popular anger boiled over, made worse by the shootings by the state. It leaves the future of Iraq largely up in the air.

chattels   ................ the Iraqi political system continues with all of its institutional deficiencies ..............."

chattels   Joel Wing @JoelWing2

Parliament met today and voted on a number of measures like suspending provincial councils Setting up jobless fund Would take actual legislation to go into effect Comes too little too late & shows business as usual Govt handouts

chattels   " business as usual Govt handouts "

chattels   See above .............. Tens of Iraqis begin to request unemployment grants which Iraqi Parliament approved today.

chattels   Arguably just another form of payout / payoff to a limited class or segment of Iraqi society.

chattels   Joel Wing @JoelWing2  Massive govt repression huge loss of life and wounded Cutting off Internet to stop organizing might have finally silenced the Iraqi streets


chattels   Reidar Visser posted for the first time in months. See Reidar Visser

‏ chattels   To wit : Thread on continuing protests in #Iraq which in terms of casualties seem to be some of the most serious spontaneous grassroots protest against the post-2003 order so far

chattels   Many of the grievances of the #Iraq activists concern chronic problems in the post-2003 period like unemployment, bad public services and housing problems. The problem of party loyalists getting jobs at expense of professionals have come to the fore repeatedly lately.

chattels   There's talk about "changing the system" in #Iraq but it's noteworthy that the current problems of political party quota-sharing is not really dictated by the Iraqi constitution and a revised constitution would likely not prevent a determined elite from persisting with it

chattels   In Sept 2018 during similarly themed protests more locally in Basra, the established parties decided PM Abadi would have to go whereas they came up with some younger figures in the new cabinet to placate the clergy's demand for "new faces".

chattels   This year the Shia clergy in Iraq has demanded a "committee" (in order to be seen to be doing something); the Fatah coalition has said it might look into that (in order to be seen to be listening to the clergy). The committee may never be seated or never get to have any influence

chattels   Even talk of fresh elections in #Iraq is predicated on an initiative either by PM + prez or third of MPs, then absolute majority of current parliament voting to lose their own jobs. Unrealistic perhaps.

chattels   Maybe a more realistic ambition of #Iraq protests would be to vote out the established parties in the forthcoming scheduled local elections in April 2020.

chattels   Many events in Iraq seem cyclical and repetitive. Increasingly at the end of the day, everyday, Iraq is a failed state and society. I fear that we have and continue to waste our time and treasure on a false illusion, a mythical monetary event.

chattels   Positive illusion can be a force that sustains us or deceives us.

chattels   Will it be laurels for us as survivors and victors in the end or laughs for us as foolish participants ?

chattels   Tune in tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

Baxter   this is gonna be a long month..and Nov will be worse...

Doug_W   it is totally baffling why they have not done this YET

JoeSchmoe   Doug_W done what?

Doug_W   increased value

JoeSchmoe    Doug_W doesn't booby give all you guys at Dinar Perspective a good way to think about it,albeit not fun?

JoeSchmoe   isn't he always saying it will be yet a long while away?

JoeSchmoe   I think you should invite him over to this chat, and see how he fares with tebow and co

Doug_W   JoeSchmoe that's OK I happen to like Bobby thank you

JoeSchmoe   imo, he is just like kap and sam. They are right until this happens. So they would rather be right until this happens, instead of being wrong until this happens like other gurus

JoeSchmoe   because in the end, who will care who is right or wrong

JoeSchmoe    was

Doug_W   agreed

JoeSchmoe   that's why I don't go to DP. Why feel down

Doug_W   I do not get Up OR Down

JoeSchmoe  because you don't listen to what people say about this

JoeSchmoe   that is the only way one can be anywhere

spankie  guy in here last night talking oil credits- very positive

Young_SC   spankie kap says oil credits is nonsense

spankie   kap knows all

futuremoney   never read any evidence for oil credits

Spankie   they surely would not put things like that on paper- already too many investing

futuremoney   if someone has anything stating in writing about oil credits in any way ,I would like to change my mind

futuremoney   I write it up to guru bunk

Zig    Young_SC : All the people at DP have been invited via a post I gave to Doug a long time ago.....Doug, please invite them of the leaders has been here in the past under a different name....

Doug_W   ok Zigfeld will do

Doug_W   Silver:$17.93

Young_SC   Where is kap 

Young_SC   I want to hear his LOP the currency and then shortly rise it to a Dollar nonsense LOL when someone says nonsense like that it clearly shows he knows nothing

Young_SC   Does kap have idea what a LOP is?

Young_SC    And the amount of damage it will do to its citizens and the economy

Wilder   I'm ate up with non-sence. Is there any nedication for that?

Young_SC   And then out of no where they gonna rise it to a dollar right after lolol

Wilder   Young_SC When?

Zig   Young_SC : You can't fool are trying to bait Kaperoni into coming back here again love :na;

Young_SC    Zig LOL

Btutt   Can we attend the exchange with a friend if we have already been to the appointment?

Young_SC   Wilder That is kaps logic

Young_SC   Btutt what do you mean

Young_SC   Zig lol what is he asking?

Young_SC   Go to an appointment with a friend?

Btutt   My question is about abiding by the NDA. If I have been to the exhcange and had my appointment, can I attend a friends appointment and not be in violation of the NDA?

Zig   Btutt : Who told you that you will need to sign an NDA??

Btutt   So no NDA? That's great news

Young_SC   Whats a NDA?

Clay   Btutt absolutely not

Zig   Non Disclosure Agreement..... :censor:

Clay   there are some out there that lie to keep people coming back to their sites