IQD Calls Chat Early Tuesday 9-10-19

IQD Calls Chat Early Tuesday 9-10-19

foxmulder   I just wish IRAQ would really make a solid move on their currency policy .

foxmulder   It is quite simple really ! Either Iraq will add value to their currency or they will not ! And to what degree it will be . Every currency has potential to fluctuate up or down ..

future   well from news articles they have said they will reinstate or bring their dinar back to the glory days

future   when? is the biggest ?

foxmulder   future there is one thing that I do know ! The gents over in Iraq think very highly of themselves, at times quite arrogant . But the fact they only talk with NO action is the norm it seems.

future   yep i agree

chattelsI read above where the chat had the usual bash time with Kaperoni and sandyf.

chattels   My sense is that we know very little and that more consideration should be given to the possibility that what we know or think that we know may not be correct.

chattels   Electricity Minister: We need $ 30 billion to repair the national grid

Tuesday 10 September 13:16 2019

Baghdad / Nina / Minister of Electricity Louay al-Khatib, on Tuesday, the need for about 30 billion dollars to end the power crisis in the country.

Khatib said, according to the agency "Reuters", "The repair and modernization of the electrical network in the country needs investments of not less than 30 billion dollars."

Iraq still suffers from a shortage of electricity, and spent about 45 billion dollars after 2003 without improving them as required due to waste, rampant corruption and poor planning.

chattels   There is some good budgetary news for you. Wow. It is worse than I thought.

chattels   Economic specialist of NINA: The government should submit a new draft budget before the disaster

Tuesday 10 September 11:01 2019

BAGHDAD ( NINA ) - Economic specialist Dergham Mohammed Ali called on the government to present a new draft budget for 2020 as an alternative to the current deficit, which is worth more than two-thirds of the national revenues, an economic disaster.

chattels   No " RV " for you today. :)


 Central Bank announces strategic banking projects for the next five years

By Samir al-Nusairi   In the monthly meeting of the government and private banking leaders, Mr. Ali Al-Alak, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, confirmed the continuation of the Bank’s approach to stimulate the economy and build the capacity and development of the banking sector in order to move to the development role and contribute to financing investment and reconstruction projects.

The exchange rate as the main achievement of monetary policy applications and one of its important objectives, which has positive repercussions on the revitalization of the economy and stabilize the monetary and financial system...

Baxter   says... the next FIVE YEARS   im thinkin... NEXT FIVE MINUTES

Clay   yep   I wish

Jsst   Wow, 5 year's - What do you think about the 5 year statement.? Wait or not

Zig   jsst : What's another 5 years?.....I think I will still remember where I put my Dinar.

Young_SC   Clay Zig increasing the value of the currency is part of the 5 year plan. Does not mean that IN 5 YEARS the currency will be increased

Clay   lets hope

Sam I Am   ;hello

Zig   Sam I Am : How long were you in this before you changed your mind about it?

Zig   New People: FYI: Sam is a naysayer....

Sam I Am   Zig A year and a half

Sam I Am   But in my own defense, there wasn't nearly as much information available back then

Sam I Am   Any time anybody tried to bring true information into the dinar forums they were banned

Dave   or did CBI revise their play book?

Young_SC   Dave Sam does not care about what the CBI or Iraq says remember

 Young_SC   Everything is only based on Research

Sam I Am   Young_SC To the contrary. I analyze their money supply figures and their statements about redenomination

Young_SC   As him and Kap had stated over and over again

Young_SC   RESEARCH!!!!!!

 Sam I Am   They clearly have no intention of revaluing their currency

Sam I Am   But I pay no attention to the news articles

Dave   just wonder where we would be today if CBI never mentioned the delete 3 zero project?

Dave   really that is all we have to go on?

Dave   Have i missed the boat on that?

Dave   Why are we here if not that?

Sam I Am   Young_SC I never said I know everything. I said I read the CBI money supply figures and have read the delete the zeros statements.

Sam I Am   The money supply figures show a total M1 of about 70 trillion

Sam I Am   And the "delete the zeros" articles are describing a lop

Sam I Am   that's really all you need to know

Sam I Am   it's not that complicated

Wilder   Best restaraunts in Iraq. THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Iraq - Updated September 2019 - TripAdvisor

Wilder   Things to do in Iraq. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Iraq - 2019 (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

 Wilder   Looks to me like they are developing fairly good

Wilder   Hotels in iraq. THE 10 BEST Hotels in Iraq for 2019 (with Prices) - TripAdvisor

Wilder   Housing . Housing - Iraq - sector

Dave   Wilder Have you seen the construction in Mosul?

Portmagaland   Good morning all, here's to hoping tomorrow is judgement day, but I'm not holding breath.

Baxter   They need to do Destruction... before construction...

Dave   Baxter thought they were still looking for bombs

Baxter   that could be...

Baxter   probably thousands of them in there

10 Sep 19, 12:10 PM Wilder   Dave no

Dave   Wilder Received alot of money but yet invited donors to inspect their progress...........NOT MUCH.......

Portmagaland   It looks like British Parliment has been shut down in preparation for Brexit, Trump does NOT want a trade deal with China, according to Breitling, Ford has been downgraded to junk and come October 15 a major change calling illegals a public charge for HUD & SNAP, which will hurt their chances at becoming citizens, which is fine by me, I pay too much in taxes as it is. All this great economic news has the DOW only down 38 points, which is amazing, no?

Wilder   I'm not able to copy the libks I've found for Mosul. Looks like thi gs are starting to mive there also. Alot of job openings

Dave   Wilder a few months ago they were questioning where all that money went.......

Wilder   A legacy of war: U.N. clears thousands of explosives in Iraq . LINK

Dave   .....and those Iranian para military keeps bringing them into Iraq?

Wilder   Dave who knows Dave. Sometimes I think we don't get the full truth in the news.

Dave   Maliki throwing his name back in....backing the para military forces as Mahdi faces removal from office.....

Dave   another impending CRISIS on the Horizon?

Dave   they are good at that

futuremoney   Dave impending??? its constant...

Dave   futuremoney delay maintains Immunity?

Wilder   Dave same with that money. I would think the U N ..would or the U S would be keeping close eyes on that. Anythings possible tho.

futuremoney   Dave yep

Dave   Sadr sounds PISSED

Futuremoney   Dave he always pissed...but does nothing

futuremoney   like a kid throwing a tantrum

Wilder   Maybe saving Mosul for last for rebyilding the rest of Iraq .

Dave   he went months without bathing......

futuremoney   ewww

Baxter   I thought Sadr had pancreatic cancer..

Dave   did a few protests camped out outside the Green Zone?

futuremoney   Baxter never heard that

Baxter   there were articles about it couple months ago

Baxter   probably lies

futuremoney   that's all they do

Dave   Sadr just maybe CLEAN.....

futuremoney   thats why I don't really believe any Iraq news anymore

Dave   futuremoney believe our news.......?

futuremoney   what news is that

futuremoney   if it comes out of

Dave   futuremoney but in this session IMPORTANT LAWS TO PASS!

futuremoney   riiiight

futuremoney   how many times have we heard that

Dave   tooo many?

futuremoney   yup

futuremoney   sooooon

Dave   hoping that they maybe at the cross roads...or the end of their rope

Futuremoney   they are too stupid to know

futuremoney   sand for brains

Dave   too smart........maintain their Immunity is my take

Dave   leader of each party is a BILLIONAIRE

futuremoney   leader?? I bet they all are

futuremoney   prolly not one person isn't corrupt...thats why they cant move forward with anti -corruption...they would all get hung

Dave   no offered clemency if they replaced the stolen cash

futuremoney   cant replace what you have spent

Portmagaland   Trump fired Bolton

futuremoney   Iraq and Iran are the crouch of the world

Dave   try spending malikis 64 Billion usd......good luck with that!

futuremoney   Dave I was reffering to the lower MP,s...

Dave   Mishan Jubouri......."Yes I have accepted millions in bribes"....lost his seat and is still FREE

Dave   just not billions.....


Wilder   MOSUL, Iraq – Busy construction workers in hard hats and reflective gear - this is Mosul today.

Dave   Wilder" to be completed this Sept or Oct..."..

Dave   must be working day and night to require reflective gear

Wilder   Put in a work order for the RV

Wilder   Priority

Dave   that would speed the rebuild....

futuremoney   great....just got a tweet that Sadr is in Iran meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei

Dave   but why not use donor cash instead......?

futuremoney   thought he was against Iran...

Dave   me thinks this is the calm before the storm

futuremoney   calm???

Dave   this non confidence thing....Maliki throwing his hat in.....

Dave   Iranian para military.......

Dave   Sadr threatening to quit.....or something?

Dave   Something maybe going down........

Dave   Hope its M

Dave   evade and what they are best at