Frank26 Wed. Night: "AMF-How Do You Like Me Now?"

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September 4, 2019

(A few highlights)

F26:  By the time you are done listening to this video you will be very happy with the news we tell you that is not yet out in articles

The citizens are being educated in so many ways. There is a massive campaign going on right now with the CBI .

Delta went to the CBI website looking for the rate for the Iraqi Dinar and he couldnt find it all day. We are still trying to determine the significance of this ……

Delta Posts:

22 central bank governors sit on the board of directors of the AMF.  (Arab Monetary fund)  Alak is going there as well .Alak used to be a governor of the CBI.. They are moving him up.

The new governor of the CBI will also sit on the AMF as a governor not a director.

These are people who know what Shabib wanted with the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar and we think they are being positioned for a purpose There is a change coming in their currency , so there is a change in the structures around the currency.

There is a massive media campaign going on right now in Iraq about the new coins/fils , the ATM machines, the mastercards, and the monetary reforms.  They are playing information constantly on TV, radio, and electronic billboards…over and over and over….

IMO The coins, atms, and mastercard training is done and all that is left is to announce the new rate of the Iraqi dinar.

They are being told the Iraqi Dinar will be giving them all more purchasing power soon.

Oct. 1st will have a lot of things happening. It’s the new us fiscal year …The ISX will be joining Forex….

Report #1 from Firefly77: I saw on the tv today that the CBI was saying they had achieved the transition into Iraq’s economy and that the CBI has a plan for the next 5 years and the goal is to restore the Iraqi dinar to it’s glory.  And the whole AMF is in Bagdad having a conference today…..along with other countries …and the plan they are talking about is to raise the purchasing power of their currency. .  Allowi and the CBI is giving a press conference about this today. Also our friends from Kurdistan are here today signing agreements all day…..this also has been on TV all day.

Q: Does that mean we have to wait another 5 years to get value back to our currency?

Walkinstick: Nope you wan’t have to wait that long.

F26: of course not- this is for the NEXT 5 years.

Firefly77 Report #2 Alak was on TV for 30 minutes this afternoon in a special report….and he says the CBI is about to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar. The CBI is determined to jumpstart the monetary reform and he is proud of all the banks in Iraq and all the training that they had completed. We had been hoping to get the official announcement today…..but they are talking a lot about the Monetary reform .  and that is encouraging news.

Please listen to full video for all the news about Iraq, China, the trade wars…and more……


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