Frank26 and KTFA Members "Mahdi You're Next"


MilitiaMan:  Lets hope the fire the citizens brought out over the past 5 days has the affect we await and they need! I have a feeling that the support they are getting from around the world, is squarely on the politicians backs now. They've been AWOKE imo..

It maybe very hard to roam the green zone with out having an uneasy feeling that one may have a target on their back effectively. It may be a very eerie feeling of the unknown consequences, if one has not been on the up and up in dealing with promises made and not kept, or using funds for personal gain, etc.. Those things the youth may have been privy to, may not be easily forgotten or left on deaf ears.

So, timing now is crucial for them to complete the reforms and get the market economy underway and international, ASAP. As that will usher in the employment and put purchase power in their hands.

They can not all be that dim to not know that lifting the value of the Sovereign Currency will actually fix things! imo ~ MM

HoosierGirl:  Well, I'm not so certain that just putting money in their hands is going to satisfy these "protesters" aka - IRAQI CITIZENS.  They are desperate to get a change in their government.  They've been promised purchasing power for years & seen nothing but Iranians stealing their money and jobs.  They want REAL change, not just money.  All IMO.  Of course, it's Iraq and we don't really know all that is happening.  If Frank and teams didn't have the connections they do and some are there to SEE the events, we'd be in the dark as to all of this.  I do appreciate all that we receive here at KTFA.  Thank you!  

ChrisC:  I believe you are right, because they are playing for blood now.  They waited too long to pacify them and now the people want to see REAL change.  Rich people don't fight....unless you really p_ _ _  them off first. 

Reminds me of when my little girl was about five and she got so mad she was shaking and I offered her some ice cream to calm down.  She just grabbed a handful of ice cream and threw it on the floor! 

There is going to be a replacement of govt first before these folks calm down now.  Somebody is going to pay for the blood that got spilled before they get over it.  They waited too long to help the people. 

I am sure Marie Antoinette was really wishing she had shared some of HER cake right before she walked up those stairs and these guys are going to be feeling the same soon.

MilitiaMan:  I am not so sure that the key isn't just that, raise the value of the currency and they will attain their demands as the increase in value will stimulate the market economy, hence, the demands will get met by attrition. You cannot switch at a program rate. The corruption, will be worked out over time (1,000 just yesterday), once they go to the new market economy, they'll have effectively neutered one of the snakes in the den. That is the Auctions.. They will not want to face that judgement day imo.. 

If they hold another as we known from the past, they'll have to watch their backs now, more than ever. They will need to be very careful from now on. This is one very important demand. The citizens know where that money goes!!  imo~ MM 

JJimmyJJ:  And,  although, IMO, Iran is putting a lot of pressure on Mahdi to delay the rate change,  the rioters just put more pressure on Mahdi to do it. We'll see in the next few days who Mahdi fears more. If he doesn't,  I'm convinced he won't be prime minister any longer. 

Whatever:  For now. Why, I now wonder, did the US allow so much corruption and pilfering without restraint? Our men and women shed their blood over there, and America gets bad-mouthed? I am actually upset at the amount of corruption that had been allowed to exist in Iraq. No jobs, even for college grads, no refrigeration (I just read this today/can anyone imagine?) on or cooling off a home, the same I'm sure would freak us all out, ok?

IMO but I do read the private blogs of citizens in Iraq. I just think this is far from over. The entire government of Iraq seems to exist on a different plane from the people. IMHO. Not being Pollyanna here anymore. The government of Iraq has had so much help and they let this happen. Under the watch of the USA which I don't get.

Not with all the years, funding, (billions upon billions maybe a trillion? ) My hard earned tax dollars that my children and I could use is paying for this) and not to mention, American blood and tears. I am actually disgusted. And very sad.  

MilitiaMan:  A complex revaluation project  like this one, is one that has been orchestrated with the amount of so many substantial things to do and get done, all in conjunction with not only the GOI but the CBI , ISX, NASDAQ, IOSCO, IMF, WB, BIS, WTO as well, to get us to this stage we are in now and over the last 16 years has shown me that with all the corruption and graft stolen, it still has been a massive project that may just be about complete now. IMO 

If once they finish the project 100%, then all the tax money you are mad about, will be for not. The UST has a very large amount that may pay for our war effort and the pain and suffering for those that sacrificed for us and the citizens of Iraq! My prayers are for all those that have suffered and I look forward to knowing that is not all, for not.

The effort of those demonstrators that seem to have stirred a rats nest could have been a very well orchestrated and timed event, even with the sad side effects that reared their ugly heads into the crowds that took peoples lives again! So, yes being disgusted that the effects of the corrupt that are entrenched into the Iraq way of life politically, is not just Iraqi based.

The so called brotherly neighbor has tentacles deep inside helping them selves to the cash cow called Currency Auctions. I don't disagree, there are things in the country that are and will be far from over. However, one hell of a good way to solve that is to stop the auctions, raise the value, which will provide jobs that will come from going international with a new internationally excepted currency. That will be the facilitator for global trade for the world which will in turn beget purchase power for the citizens, while they grow economically with the new jobs created from the positive effects of raising the value. imo 

So, as ugly as it gets, that is unfortunate for us, as the world is full of unfortunate circumstances!! The light may have been dimmed over and over, over the years, yet, there still is a flicker of it today with them raising the curfew.. imo ~ MM





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