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SamsonThe stock market manager suggests companies buy back their shares

22nd September, 2019

In order to strengthen the tasks of the stock market and enhance the confidence of investors, the Executive Director of the Iraqi Stock Exchange Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, to start joint stock companies to buy a proportion of their shares to promote the reality of those shares in daily trading.

Abdul Salam said that "companies in the Arab and international financial markets resort from time to time to study their possibilities and investment plans and measure the value of their real shares to the value of market shares in the stock market, and in this light take decisions to buy back a percentage of its shares to achieve a number of objectives”.

He pointed out that “the objectives of companies to buy a proportion of their shares put on the stock market is to seek to enhance the earnings per share (dividend dividend distributed to shareholders), because of the absence of growth opportunities and investment in the company and the lack of opportunities to exploit the accumulated surplus, as well as when the company finds The market value of a stock is less than its real value.”

He stressed that “during the period 2010 - 2016 US companies resorted to buy back a proportion of their shares from the stock market amounted to (3) trillion dollars,” adding that “in the first quarter of 2017 the value of shares that were bought back from the financial markets (133 To increase earnings per share, enhance market value and capitalize on its accumulated surplus.”

Regarding the need to approve the share buyback proposal and the reasons for this, Abdul Salam said: "From reading the data of joint stock companies and trading indicators during the period 2015-2019 shows the importance of the proposal that companies buy back a percentage of their shares, which can be summarized by the decline in the prices of shares traded for joint stock companies. At a mixed rate of more than 50 percent during the period, due to the absence of growth opportunities and investment, and the decline in earnings per share due to the rise of capital for a significant number of companies and the inability to make profits in other companies.

 “This proposal is one of the mechanisms of the international and Arab stock markets in order to enhance the value of the stock,” he said. “It is done under the most important conditions and controls, including the Companies Law and the Financial Markets Law.

The general assembly of the joint stock company shall approve the repurchase when discussing the final statements and accounts of the company, as well as specifying the period of retention of the shares purchased by the company and often does not exceed six months, and the shares purchased should not exceed 10% of the company's share capital. KE with the objective of that statement, with the importance of the note that shares the company to repurchase do not have the right to vote in the General Assembly meeting and do not have the right to receive profits until resale in the stock market after achieving the goal of buying them."  LINK

Doodlebug:  IMOO, there are a few reasons why a company would buy back their own stock or in this case, "encourage" this purchase: 1) Help consolidate Ownership, 2) If there is pessimism in the market, it helps to promote/increase equity value, and 3) It can make companies look healthy thus attracting more investors.

JJimmyjj:  Companies also have stock buybacks when they expect the value of their company to rise-- allowing them to resell the stock later at a profit. Thus,  IMO, this could be a signal to the entire country and the entire Iraqi financial system that the strength of the economy may be improving dramatically soon. 


Don061: : President Saleh meets with US Secretary of State in New York and holds a tripartite summit

Politics 2019/09/22 19:10 554 Editor: bh   
Baghdad Today _ Baghdad

President Barham Salih met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Saleh's press office said in a statement that the latter "began his meetings on the sidelines of the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly in New York with a meeting with US Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo)."

The President of the Republic, according to the statement, held a tripartite summit Iraqi, Jordanian, Egyptian, between him and the Jordanian King Abdullah II, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi.

It is scheduled to witness the city of New York, on August 24, the launch of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, with the participation of President Barham Saleh, who arrived in the United States, yesterday afternoon.    link

President Duterte Tells Citizens to Shoot Corrupt Officials, Vows 'No Prison Time' Filipino leader says if people shoot or beat up corrupt officials, he will pardon them

By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 22nd September 2019 @ 12.00pm

Filipino leader President Duterte has vowed to stamp out corruption in the Philippines, telling citizens that if they shoot or beat up corrupt public officials, he will pardon them.

Duterte is urging Philippines citizens to shoot, but not kill, any public officials they witness taking bribes, provided the corrupt bureaucrat survives.

.a duerte pic.jpg

“If you pay a tax, a fee or get a certificate, and the officials ask for a bribe, hit them,” the outspoken leader said. "If you have weapons, you can shoot them, but don’t kill, because during the proceedings you may not receive a pardon."

Should any of his people take up the offer, President Dutert promises them full immunity from prosecution. According to the Manilla Bulletin, the unprecedented presidential order also called on Filipino citizens to “beat up” any corrupt officials they encounter.

Duterte declared that those who take him up on the offer “will not be sent to prison, but will only be seriously punished physically.” According to RT, the president is known for his off-the-cuff remarks and dark-humored jokes as much as he is for actually seeing plans through.

 Since taking office, he has been fighting a violent drug war that has been repeatedly criticized by rights groups, the UN and the wider international community.

 As of January 2019, some 5,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the drug war. Rights groups claim, however, that the number could be more than double that.

Earlier, the president also stated that he saw nothing wrong with police officers accept gifts from people grateful for their service, especially after solving a crime.

 Though Duterte, a former mayor and prosecutor, was careful to distinguish tokens of gratitude from bribes, Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Panfilo Lacson warned that such “gift-giving practice might breed corruption in the police.”

 In response, Duterte advised his critics to brush up on the law. “You can accept gifts, token, nominal, I was using the words of the law,” Duterte said. "It is found in the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices."

Rinus Verhagen: Wall Street and the Markets

Wall Street and the Markets

By Rinus Verhagen

How the markets are manipulated in it for part of the Bankers.

JP Morgan is a fine example of this:

In this video you can see how and who does what in history.

The income source of Bankers is beyond creating money out of nowhere, their computer for stock market manipulation.

This Computer works very fast, within a few milliseconds shares are offered and sold, this is entered into their program, they earn from the sale and purchase, without having to pay for it themselves.

Example: you set the program is on the sale of a commodity or value of one of their own companies. Your computer checks that the trading volume is not disturbed, that too many shares are offered for sale, and they set a price on the sale. Then there will be buyers who want to gamble, and buy these shares.

Regulating trade volumes means that prices are manipulated, because there are also private sellers. By doing this very quickly, the market does not realize that they are being cheated by the bankers. Because those figures don't become visible in such a short time of microseconds.

The Bank offers the shares for example for $100 per share sale price, the buyer will pay $100.25 for this, he will not complain. If the share is below $100, the bank will not sell, but if due to fluctuations that can occur in a millisecond the price would be $99,50. For example, the share value is artificially kept around $100 dollars, which is no indication of the company's actual value on metals or other raw materials or products.

The Casino Boss is the only winner of this gambling game by counterfeiting and false Trading. The Market is inflated where the value of goods is no longer proportional to the economic value. This Bubble creation is supported by almost all governments to rob their populations of their prosperity and right to exist.

The average stock held by shareholders is 22 seconds, this should give us to think how fast and invisible money flows flow to the Bankers. Individuals and small institutions have to pay transaction fees, which means that they do not sell quickly once they have bought a share. The Bankers have no costs and with Fiat Money they create a false ability to buy back their own shares at low cost to their companies.

This makes it look like the stock market is going great, but the truth is that the costs come from the small shareholders and pension funds, which are systematically expropriated as a result. The real manufacturing industry does not reflect the real economy through the manipulation of the Bankers. The whole world's population has been held hostage in the Fiat debt system by cheaters and their political prostitutes who want to further control the population in order to perpetuate this game of cheating for longer.

Another earning model is speculation and trade in birth certificates, which are packaged in derivatives. These are insurance policies that have been taken out on our lives, and in the event of death, the Vatican is paid out to the policyholder as a beneficiary. We have been traded like cattle.

The deception is now so obvious that we are distracted with chaos from the real criminal areas to which we are exposed. Migration is their weapon in 2015-2019 to terrorise the people of Europe with incompatible barbaric cultures that are protected by politics. If no third world war can be started, they hope for a civil war that will claim many victims.

Low IQ Migrants are armed and deployed to carry out this dark plan, of which they themselves will be the victims. I advise everyone to take precautions, to be able to defend your own family. Never forget who created this situation in order to bring them before a tribunal for their crimes against humanity.

As we are now in a transition face, replacing the bank debt system with a gold-backed money system will make these crimes politically impossible. The central banks no longer play a role in the new plan, the QFS is replaced by the AIIB, and the CIPS protocol, where all transactions are visible. Abuse will result in exclusion from the new Money System.

Everyone will receive a Basic Income in their own country of origin, in order to move the Migrants back to their own country of origin. Those who think they want to conquer the world will be forced to surrender by the new Money System, because a world satanic world religion of low IQ barbarians will be stopped. Far decay of the EU is unstoppable, because imposed fascism by multinationals dictating the EC and EU lose their power by GESARA.

Since the EU is not a country but a covenant founded by traitors to the people, his covenant will also be closed out by the QFS. The next point of attention is 5G telecom and energy weapon technology that will be used against the unsuspecting population. The solution is very simple, anyone can send all telecom providers a claim for damages, whereby the bank balances via the AIIB, QFS are claimed from these companies by the world population.

This means that they no longer have any viability, and their companies become worthless. These can then be taken over for a token amount of $1 and transformed into real services that cannot cause health damage. WHO and Big Pharma, can also expect damage claims for their Genocide products.

Food industries that deliberately poison our food with chemicals are going to be expropriated in the same way.

Remember that anything is possible if GESARA has given power back to the world's population, and the 0.1% has been rendered harmless.

Source: Operation Disclosure