IQDCalls Chat Early Saturday  8-17-19  

IQDCalls Chat Early Saturday  8-17-19  

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sandyf    One scandal leads to another for disgraced banknote printer De La Rue

Scratch the surface and one problem can emerge, then another, and still another. It’s often the case that a company accused of one thing is soon on the hook for something else. A picture quickly builds of an organisation that appears beset by poor management and weak procedures.

This, it would seem, is the case with De La Rue. The venerable printer of banknotes – 206 years old this year – has found itself fighting a succession of issues, each on their own serious and wounding.  The company’s financials do not make for pretty reading.

The British firm, which turns 206 this year, has found itself fighting a succession of issues, each serious and wounding, writes Chris Blackhurst    

Sparky   Wilder ...if I could trade my tools for a boat, I d make them my anchor...and sail the 7 seas...

Sparky   Wilder ...if this Dinar pops,.. I will...

Sparky   Wilder ... otherwise, I just keep on keeping on...

Wilder  Me too. Would make Iraq my 1st stop Iraq and demand my dimes. For Baxter

Sparky   Wilder lol... come on.. , Quarter's at least ?

Sparky   Wilder ...if, and when, they get their head out of their  **..

Sparky   ... must be a camel

Wilder   Am so ready. This has definitely been a journey. If not for me. Maybe my children and grandbabies.

Sparky   Wilder ... hopefully it's for us,... I buried mine...they will never find it...

 Andre_Irritation   Sparky you've been having fun talking to yourself your favorite news channel talking about it oh yah *********** ***** **** ****


Andre_Irritation  A global recession may be coming a lot sooner than anyone thought

By Sven Henrich for CNN Business Perspectives   Updated 5:05 AM ET, Fri August 16, 2019

Sparky    Andre_front .. hi   Andre_front the way,... Ive been through 4 recession s...that is when I buy property...ssshhhhh...

 Sparky    Andre_front ...why so angry ?  Andre_front . .. your right, tell me...   I like to learn too...

Sparky    Andre_front ...huh...?

Wilder   Back just before the bust in 2008 I could feel the troubles with the economy then and figured sonething was about to happen with the economy. I'm just not seeing or feeling it yet.

Usually the self employed will feel financial woes before it hits. We have to look at the wording sonetimes on these predictions. Is it going to happen? Or, it MAY happen

Sparky   Wilder imo.. we are going to ride this pony for at least 2 more years...Fed about to cut interest rates by at least a quarter. ..( lol, Andre )...

Wilder   I hope your wrong.. But, it is what it is.

Sparky   Wilder ...not a Trump supporter, but. I like the numbers...

Wilder   What's a couple more years. Startibg to like the smell of this camel paper

Sparky   Wilder ... down 800... up a few days.. day traders daydream... 

Larrykn   Oil flows to Iraq's Haritha power station after pipeline repair   

larrykn Doug_W    hey bud all ready to go now      how big is your trailer

 Doug_W   today is load teh trai8ler day otherwise yes  30'total length

larrykn   nice size       we have 32 ft 5th wheel

Doug_W   my next one. if ever, will be bigger

 larrykn   I'm done RVing, I think if and when we get money we will do B&B's  we traveled twice around the USA in what we have now , had a great time doing it too

larrykn   US-led coalition says complying with new Iraq flight limits  

Larrykn   Al-Sadr demands PM to punish people with foreign affiliations, says silence is corruption  

 larrykn   Defense Ministry spokesman Khafaji says war with ISIS became 'purely intelligence'  

Dave   howdy.....all?

Dave   Legal clarifies the decision of the Federal Court on the entry into force of Article 140 of the Constitution

Dave   A legal expert explained the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court on the entry into force of Article 140 of the Constitution, pointing out that the time limits stipulated in the Constitution include the obligation on the bodies responsible for the implementation of these articles, pointing out that the withdrawal of any text of the Constitution requires an amendment in accordance with official mechanisms.

Dave   so more work to make changes to this........just need to implement

Dave   Sharif added that “the abolition of any article of the Constitution requires an amendment in accordance with the mechanisms provided for in the Constitution itself.”

Dave   He continued, “This period, as stated in the constitutional text, imposes an obligation on the executive authority to accomplish its task during that period and not to drop the article, that is, if the executive authority lags in the completion of this constitutional task will be subject to accountability in accordance with the mechanisms provided for in the Constitution.”

 Sharif stressed that “the omission of an article in the Constitution means that we are making an amendment to it, and this amendment can be obtained only through the mechanisms provided for in the Constitution itself.”

He pointed out that “the constitutional legislator, if he wanted to exclude article (140) of the Constitution from the rules of amendment of the Constitution stipulated in its articles, to mention it explicitly, as his intention was clear that that period was designed to oblige the executive authority to a certain task, and that skipping it will make it vulnerable For accounting. ”

Al-Sharif stated, “The position of the Federal Supreme Court on this matter is not the first of its kind, but it went in the same position in the interpretation of Article (142) of the Constitution by virtue of the number (54 / Federal / 2017) issued on 21/5/2017 on the mechanisms of amendment the Constitution”.

He continued, “Article 142, which is also included in the transitional provisions and provides for time limits for amendments, but the court said in its interpretative ruling that that article also remains in force.”

He added, “The same position with respect to Article (137) of the Constitution, which talked about the formation of the Council of the Union (the second wing of the legislative authority), after the end of the first electoral cycle for the years (2006-2010), but the Federal Supreme Court ruled in many of its judgments This council, even though we are in the fourth electoral cycle now. ”

Dave   “The summary of the above shows us that exceeding the constitutional deadlines is not intended to drop its articles because this requires an amendment in accordance with the mechanisms set forth in the Constitution itself, but to determine the responsibility of the body that is responsible for implementing them and if they exceed them are held accountable in accordance with the constitutional contexts of the concerned authorities 29 / p,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhiakIZ9TXsnAs-9f3dNHDHGSkvDNw  

Dave   so my take is art 140 is still alive and well.........  i hope