KTFA Members "News and Views" Thursday PM 19-3-19


2Cents:  Today's currency sales would have been for Sunday.......Gold sale prices are done for the week also.......The door is wide open......C'mon CBI, walk through it........  

This is a great opportunity IMO........Not to say it will happen but the Stage is set....

Frank, I technically disagree that they will not announce on a Friday......I believe Kuwait announced on a Friday......Of course, as of Sunset, the Holy Day is over.......I believe, as I always have purported, on a Friday after Sunset is the best time to announce absent a specific Holiday....

.I cannot believe that announcements will take place on a Sunday.  There would be mass confusion.  The announcements have to give adequate Notice prior to business opening.  Considering Saturday is a big market day, a Friday evening seems like the likely target.(unless thee is an associated Holiday of course)

As to the 12 armored  trucks moving currency out of the Green Zone to protect it from the protestors:

The Protestors were prevented from accessing the Green Zone.  Wouldn't the Green Zone be  one of the safest places in the country???  Perhaps, the only safer place is on the US Military base.....As such, this reasoning by Alak is certainly suspect......It certainly would be good cover/excuse to move the small notes into the banks.....

I would love to see the Kurds/Baghdad report a strong agreeable position by tomorrow

Interesting 48 hours ahead.......Not holding my breath, but........


ChrisC:  They could announce it at 10:00 pm (their time) and it would be perfect for a market close announcement here, which is what I have always expected (been wrong so far, but expected it anyways).


Jay:  More food for thought.. I found it odd the Alak would announce to the entire country and on TV that 12 trucks full of cash were leaving the Central Bank and the Green Zone.

With millions of unemployed, broke, hungry and fed up people just outside of it. (green zone). Trusting in Frank's reports/opinions, and in no way am I questioning him; I'm sure there is more to this than Frank's cooking has been allowed to be released to us just yet.

Which is proof of Frank's opinion that with more of his teachings released to us by Frank, leaves more questions from us/me.   <---- I own that.

Alll good though. We are in an interesting spot. I can't wait for today's YT report. I pray for those lives lost because of the GOI and the corrupts stall tactics. Prayers for all involved. 

Jay:  Delta made an interesting point last night. That IHO, Frank and he had said years ago that if the citizens would protest and ACTUALLY VERBALIZE that they wanted the reforms/purchasing power done.  Well its on the list of demands and when those demands were reiterated yesterday the economic reforms was moved up on the list. We've been needing this imo. Minus the violence part.

So I said all that to say this....

IF.... and I mean IF!!!!!!!!!!!!! the citizens keep this pressure on Mahdi and do not back down this is days away from being over. I just wish they would do it peacefully so people stop dying and getting hurt. I'm not one to call it every weekend but those that do may finally be right. <---- so called gurus, copy & paste DAT!!!  LOL

Samson:  Why are Iraqis Protesting against the Govt ?

3rd October, 2019
Iraq’s barely year old government is being forced to deal with the largest nationwide protests since taking over.

Riot police contained demonstrators in Baghdad on Wednesday, 24 hours after bullets and tear gas were fired.

At least three people died and hundreds of others were injured in Baghdad as well as other cities.

The mostly young protesters are angry at high levels of corruption, unemployment, and poor public services.

Are Iraq’s leaders listening? And why isn’t the government able to deliver?


Folly Bah Thibault


Ali Al-Nashmi – Political analyst and specialist on the modern history of Iraq

Judit Neurink – Political Analyst and founder of the Independent Media Centre in Kurdistan

Yusuf Alabarda – Middle East analyst



Z1world:  I  received an email from my ISX broker in Baghdad stating:

Dear Client,

The government declared a curfew today in Baghdad. There is no internet and the stock market is closed. Next trading day will be on Sunday, October 6.

 Kind regards,   Aysegul

Kisbah357:  Hmmmmm, Closed three days.  Going to go back and listen to last nights ub2b. Didn't Frank say something about seeing what happens on Sunday?


Samson:  Internet access cut across much of Iraq

3rd October, 2019

Internet access has been cut off across much of Iraq including the capital Baghdad with connectivity falling below 70%, internet blockage observatory NetBlocks  said, amid renewed anti-government protests that turned violent and spread nationwide.

Earlier on Wednesday social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as messaging application WhatsApp all appeared to be have been disabled across Iraq except in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region which has a separate internet infrastructure.

The services were only accessible by using a VPN, which effectively disguises the location of a device.

Graft is widespread and basic services such as power and water are lacking.

A government statement on Tuesday said 40 members of the security forces were among those injured and blamed “groups of inciting riots” for the violence. At least six members of security forces were injured in Baghdad on Wednesday and five in Nassiriya.

The United Nations on Wednesday expressed concern over the violence and urged calm, with the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert reaffirming in a statement the right to protest.

The US Embassy in Baghdad urged all sides to avoid violence.   LINK

Samson:  Demonstrators in Najaf break into the governorate building and set it on fire

3rd October, 2019
A security source said, on Thursday, demonstrators stormed the building of the province of Najaf, in protest against the deterioration of economic and service conditions and the spread of financial and administrative corruption and high unemployment.

The source told Twilight News that angry protesters stormed the building of the province of Najaf, and the fire broke out in two floors of the said building.

Protesters stormed the headquarters of the Islamic Dawa Party in the holy city of Najaf on Wednesday, set it on fire, and then moved to the headquarters of the movement of wisdom in the city and burned it.

Thousands of people took to the streets in central Baghdad on Tuesday in protests demanding services, improving living conditions, providing jobs for the unemployed, eradicating widespread unemployment and financial and administrative corruption in state departments and institutions. The federal government announced a curfew in Baghdad from 5 am on Thursday until further notice. The governorates also witnessed several angry popular protests, including Wasit, Kirkuk, Diwaniya, Missan, Basra and Karbala.    LINK

Iggy:  these are not protesters...these are rioters...imo

Doodlebug:  These are citizens that are are sick and tired of being lied to by their Government.
These are citizens that have been promised a "better life" with little to no change.
These are citizens that don't have a job to go to.
These are citizens that are upset that their beloved Commander was removed from his position along with his Statue in Mosul.

We have to understand how the Iraqi citizens think and more importantly, we have to put ourselves in their shoes. Sure, we can look at them and say that they are "rioters" but how would we feel... no, more importantly... how would we "think" after 16 years of broken promises while the corrupt continue to steal from them?

I can honestly tell you that I would be out there supporting my neighbors and screaming at my Gov't too.

Just look at Alaq for example, he promised the citizens two years ago to stop the auctions, to stop the corruption. He didn't follow through with this promise and the countless other promises that he made. And that's just one person. They don't trust him just like they don't trust Abadi, just like they don't trust Mahdi etc. etc. "Promises made, promises broken" should be Iraq's new slogan.

Sure, are they burning buildings and throwing rocks? Absolutely! Is there no organization to these demonstrations? Absolutely not. They are just mad as heck! They want jobs. They want electricity, a safe place to sleep for their families and they want food.  Iraqi families are not just what is under one roof... Iraqi families include their neighbors and their families. "Where They Go One, They Go All". They don't have a job to go to the next day so why not go where their family members are going? Shutting down the internet will only make them more angry and IMO, all they have to do is go outside to see and hear what is happening.

This is not good at all. Where there was one casualty yesterday, there are 19 today. Where there is 19 today, there might (God Forbid) be 50 tomorrow. Mahdi is in a very very bad position and it doesn't help with Sadr saying "I'm not doing this." Okay then Sadr, if you aren't doing this, who or "what", is? There are lots of International Companies in Iraq right now, lots of money in those contracts... who are what, sparked this?

Mahdi is having his "emergency" meeting today with his three Presidents.  What would we do if we were Mahdi? Sure, the easy answer for us as a spectator is to say, "give them purchasing power". But what if that isn't the answer? What would we do right now, to calm the masses? IMO, Mahdi doesn't have until the 15th of October to respond to these demands, he needs to do something prior to Monday.

"God, please wrap Your Peaceful Arms around the entire Country of Iraq... She is suffering, still. Please shine Your Light on the corrupt to expose them for the World to see. Please God, please deliver Your Peace and Calm into the hearts and minds of all the People of Iraq and let them know that You are there for them. Please deliver Your Solution to the Leaders of Iraq so that Your Will can be done. I pray this from my heart and in Your Sons beautiful Name, Jesus... Amen".

Popeye7:  As sad as it is, this has been orchestrated by the powers that be IMO... A new order in Iraq through chaos, despair, and confusion... But what we do know is everything is ready for the dinar to be released on the international scene... Once the smoke clears, a new Iraq will be born... And I agree, this will occur before weekend's end IMO... Frank pointed this out last night, and these events are generally not as spur of the moment as they appear to be... There has always been a date for this... Part of the plan... That date is quickly approaching...

Salamon69:  And let's remember the words of Kim Clement....    When things seem to be at their worst then the blessing will come thru.    Not his exact words but paraphrasing...

Samson:  Curfew announced in Maysan province until further notice

3rd October, 2019
Security forces imposed a curfew in the southern province of Maysan. The curfew is in effect from 3 pm on Monday until further notice.

Hundreds have been wounded and at least 10 others have been killed since security forces used tear gas and live ammunition on Tuesday on crowds of protesters in Baghdad and several cities in the south, sparking outrage as the crackdown continued.

The clashes in Baghdad continued until late Wednesday night, hours after Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi announced an indefinite curfew in the capital. Hours later, the US-led coalition reported a series of explosions inside or near the Green Zone.  In the city, a heavily fortified area containing government institutions, embassies and military bases.   LINK


Edna:  If the people got everything they wanted....why are they yet! and Still!..protesting?? 

GodLover:  Hmmm.....if they had already received their demands, they would not continue protesting & we would be at the bank imo. The "funds" that arrived yesterday is interesting news imo. Hopefully we will see evidence of that soon. I am still looking for the Kurdistan issues to be resolved, then oil & gas law as well as the 2020 budget then being able to pass imo. There are many things lining up really well for mid month....as long as their Government is serious this time as far as complying with their citizens demands imo.


Don961:  Urgent .. US Embassy calls on its employees to leave Iraq immediately

The US embassy in Baghdad on Thursday called on employees to leave the country immediately.

The embassy said it had instructed non-essential staff to leave Baghdad and Erbil immediately.

Thousands of people took to the streets in central Baghdad on Tuesday in protests demanding services, improving living conditions, providing jobs for the unemployed, eradicating widespread unemployment and financial and administrative corruption in state departments and institutions.

The federal government announced a curfew in Baghdad from 5 am on Thursday until further notice.

The governorates also witnessed several angry popular protests, including Wasit, Kirkuk, Diwaniya, Missan, Basra, Karbala and Dhi Qar, which resulted in deaths and injuries.     link