IQDCalls Chat Early Thursday 8-15-19

IQDCalls Chat Early Thursday  8-15-19 

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sandyf    August 15th was always going to be a big day for some, Chinese Spirit Festival, bit like a war zone this morning.

Matt   Dow Jones Industrial Average   INDEXDJX: .DJI  25,479.42 −800.49 (3.05%) DOWN -800 ;oh; 

Gold 1,519.67 +3.77+0.25%     Silver 17.31 +0.06+0.33%

 Matt   Bitcoin $10,091.81 USD (-5.67%)

Dave Matt    hows about about an up turn

Portmagaland   Imagine if they make those evil fraudulent paper derivatives go bye bye. We'll be laughing at the time silver was $17

Doug_W   Silver:$17.40

Chattels   Oil, budgets, Kirkuk still nag Baghdad-Erbil relations   Omar Sattar August 14, 2019

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chattels   Baghdad and Kurdistan officials have held a series of high level meetings in an effort to resolve longstanding issues, but without much apparent success.

 Chattels   Trivia : On this day in 1281, Japan is saved as storms scatter a 4,000-ship Mongol invasion armada. Locals refer to it as "kamikaze" or "the divine wind." The name will later be applied to suicide pilots of World War Two.

Doug_W   interesting

Chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar, today, stability in the foreign currency markets and the stock market struggle.

The exchange rate of the dollar in the Stock Exchange _ Baghdad 120.100 dinars against 100 dollars, the same prices yesterday.

As for the prices of buying and selling in banking shops: the sale price of the dollar: 120.500 dinars; the purchase price of the dollar: 119.500 dinars

Chattels   Economic specialist confirms to / Nina / the importance of deleting the Kurdistan region from the 2020 budget

Wednesday 14 August 17   BAGHDAD / NINA / Dergham Mohammed Ali, a specialist in economic affairs, called for stabilizing the reality of the 2020 budget by giving the Kurdistan region full economic independence with a permit to sell its oil officially in return for not giving him anything from the federal budget and delete it from the 2020 budget.

Portmagaland   chattels So, is Kurdistan region going to become their own country and create their own currency because it sounds like Kurdistsn wants independence from Iraq?

mod   Jeff debunks on Kaps "Float theory") Dinar Investor

Portmagaland   August 15, 1971, we went off the Gold Standard.

Portmagaland   mod I heard his video this morning and commented as well that Jeff's article stated that the dinar increased by 74 billion in June. It didnt say that's what they had in circulation. Jeff responded, but I'm not fully grasping his response putting my observation about his article at ease.

 mod   Portmagaland was this Jeffs response? These are their M1 figures

M0 is a secret and it’s only the Dinar in Iraq not around the world.

They have much less only in Iraq. That’s what Kap is not telling you.

They don’t care what’s outside of Iraq!!!

futuremoney   mod Im lost..why wouldn't they care about dinar outside Iraq?

Doug_W   futuremoney T Y 4 finally admitting that

mod   Doug_W lol futuremoney i sent Jeff this: People are asking in our Chat "why wouldn't they care about dinar outside Iraq?" Come on into our Chat if you like we promote your call/videos on our site and in the chat

Tebow   74 Trillion Dinar In Circulation -    Not as Kaperoni would have one believe.

Doug_W   Silver:$17.30

Portmagaland   mod Sorry to answer late at work, have to sneak in out periodically, but yes, that's what Jeff said, you know what he means?

Portmagaland   They dont care what's outside Iraq, is that what you are saying? So, it's like the currency outside of Iraq doesnt count for total currency in circulation? That's tough to grasp. However, I have suspicions the dollar works the same way, no?

Doug_W   it would have to other widse HOW would we "pay" for all teh dollars out there

Portmagaland   Doug_W There's people in here that have quoted me low dollar circulation in my mind. I dont know where their stat were from, but nonetheless, I was surprised to here how low the dollar circulation was quoted at. I've heard the CIA has their own printers in countries like N Korea, which makes some sense, has N Korea has historically, along with Iran, been two of the biggest producers of counterfeit dollars.

Doug_W   IDK Pal

Portmagaland   In addition, every country in the world needed a much bigger dollar reserve to actively purchase oil per the petro dollar system that Kissenger set up for Nixon. Just this fact alone minus the rumored CIA printers, makes me think theres way more dollars out their globally than what's being reported.

Doug_W   I say hundreds of trillions

Doug_W   remember QE

Doug_W   tons were printed then

Portmagaland   Point being, if we can do it, why cant Iraq with our support. After all our country, in my mind, is the master at bringing value to its currency.

Portmagaland   Doug_W QE, that, too!

Doug_W   they CAN IMO they just need to clean up corruption then DO it

Doug_W   no company is going to invest in a place SO corrupt as there

Portmagaland   Doug_W Agreed, but in addition, I think we need to get our side of the fence cleaned of corruption two because our corruption is tied to theirs. Case in point, Malaki was snitching Obama out a few months ago, stating it was Obama, it was Obama. So, IMO, both our countries need to rid ourselves of these evil nasty traitors.

Portmagaland   It's not just Iran that has its teeth in Iraq, we have some bad actors on our side that have their teeth in Iraq as well.

Portmagaland   After all Obama had a man crush on Iran, hence, the pallets of cash Obama gave Iran, some of which, filtered back to Obama. 

larryknhi all

larrykn   Iraq cancels permission for anti-ISIS coalition to fly in Iraqi air space

larrykn   Iraq's SOMO sells two Sept-loading Basra crude cargoes  

larrykn   Baghdad to take legal action after IMIS after criticizing Iraqi Army

chattels   There was approximately $1.70 trillion in circulation as of January 31, 2019. This figure includes Federal Reserve notes ($1,655.2 billion), U.S. notes ($0.2 billion), currency no longer issued ($0.2 billion), and coins outstanding ($47.2 billion).

larrykn   Sulaimaniyah records 22 deaths, injuries during Eid

futuremoney   just saw an article from DP.. states the US now considers Iraq to be a hostile nation after allowing Iran has moved its war center to Baghdad ..Bye Bye RV.

larrykn   Protesters in Basra cut by Baghdad to protest the deterioration of electricity

Cutting mtzahroa spending on the North Western Province of Missan, Thursday, the highway link between the County and the capital Baghdad.

Witnesses said the demonstrations set off to protest the constant power outages in the County. it is said that MEW had declared a "glitch" led to the loss of 8000 MW during Eid days, undermining the processing power for southern regions.

chattels   The Federal Reserve says that at any given time, between one-half and two-thirds of the M0 money stock of U.S. dollars is held overseas.

Portmagaland   chattels That sounds about right. The rest of the world has us outnumber, so yes, the rest of the world needs more dollars to function.

chattels   M1 represents all of the currency in the M0 money supply, plus all of the money held in checking accounts and other checkable accounts, as well as all of the money in travelers' checks. In June 2013, the M1 money supply for U.S. dollars equaled about $2.5 trillion [source: Federal Reserve].

chattels   M2 is the M1 supply, plus all of the money held in money market funds, savings accounts and CDs under $100,000. In June 2013, the M2 money supply was about $10.5 trillion [source: Federal Reserve].

chattels   All of that hard and easily liquidated currency is known as the M0 money supply. This includes the bills and coins in people's pockets and mattresses, the money on hand in bank vaults and all of the deposits those banks have at reserve banks [source: Hamilton]. According to the Federal Reserve, there was $1.2 trillion in the M0 supply stream as of July 2013 [source: Federal Reserve Bank of New York].

chattels   Making a distinction between dinar inside or outside of Iraq seems bogus to me.

Portmagaland   chattels Its hard for me to grasped, how the dinars outside of country dont count as well.

Futuremoney   nobody concerned about the US naming Iraq as an "hostile State"?

chattels   futuremoney Do you have a link for that report ?

futuremoney   no ..iton DP,s facebook page

Doug_W   time to get plates out 4 Pizza 4 supper bbl

chattels   futuremoney I cannot find such a list mentioned on the internet.

Dave   howdy folks....

Portmagaland   I just googled U.S. names Iraq hostile state, nothing popped up?

Portmagaland   I dont do FB, I use to have a lot friends before FB, now I dont.

Dave    I see we are still stuck on this note count......

Portmagaland   Dave Yep, in addition to other things unfortinately.

Dave   the joys of a spectulative investment

Portmagaland   They got the new site up.

Portmagaland   Dave Joy's, that's looking at it half full.

Chattels   Not stuck. It is bov s* in my view.

Dave   chattels I agree with you

chattels   Apparently one cannot say bovine in here ............... and scatology at the same time.

Dave   Recollect all those worn out notes from yrs ago......all in taters

 Dave   gosh we replace our notes all the time

Futuremoney   The Iraqi politician close to the US administration, Intifad Qanbar, said on Thursday that Iran has moved its battle from Tehran to Baghdad, and therefore began the bombing of Iranian weapons inside Iraq.

"We warned earlier that Iraq has become a storage facility for Iranian weapons, and this issue will make Iraq a center for war operations," Qanbar told Shafq News, adding that "Iraq has positioned itself as a hostile state to the Gulf states and its allies from the United States and Israel."

"Iran has moved its battle from Tehran to Baghdad, as a result of the weakness of the Iraqi government and the downfall of Iraqi politicians, especially since after the bombing of Saudi oil pipelines from Iraqi territory, Iraq has entered into an official war," he said.

"The bombings of the popular mobilization camps were carried out through aircraft, and to say otherwise is not true, which is to hide the facts and fear that they will be revealed," he said.

On Wednesday, a security source revealed that Israel had launched a raid on a hardware depot at Camp Al-Saqr, southwest of Baghdad, which was the scene of explosions on Wednesday, causing a massive panic among residents of nearby areas.

Dave   Would be interesting to know what the Federal Reserve is holding in Dinar.....

chattels   futuremoney Your article does not say that the US has declared or listed Iraq as a hostile nation.

Dave   futuremoney Yes and Turkey has been bombing the Kurds daily as well

chattels   It quotes an Iraqi politician as saying, "Iraq has positioned itself as a hostile state to the Gulf states and its allies from the United States and Israel.".

futuremoney   yes...and...

futuremoney   if tis is true...Im done with this

chattels   futuremoney Political rhetoric.

chattels  futuremoney Each of us must decide for ourselves.

Dave   like the ME have ever been fans of the USA or Israel

chattels   There have been and will always be political actors in Iraq who are hostile to America's allies and America itself.

chattels   There may be lots of reasons to abandon hope of a liquidity event with the Iraqi dinar, but animosity toward America is not one of them for me.

Dave   all about the money

Dave   lots of money to be found in Iraq

chattels   futuremoney Unless you have make or break funds invested in the Iraqi dinar then just let it ride. Take an emotional holiday from the daily speculation and see what eventuates.

chattels   futuremoney I am not presuming to advise you, but just sharing my thoughts for whatever such may be worth.

Dave   chattels i figure they just are not ready yet to have a powerful currency.......

Portmagaland   Discouraging news for sure.

chattels   The only thing worse than nothing prosperous happening with the dinar would be to sell your dinar and have something happen then. Just my personal thinking / feeling.

Portmagaland   chattels I like the dinar because it allows me to dream dreams outside of the ****y cubicle I visit. A broken record of groundhog day.

Dave   kinda like knowing you won the lotto ...just cant find the ticket

chattels   Portmagaland " If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;

If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same; ............ Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, ......"

chattels   " ............ dream - and not make dreams your master;....."

chattels   " Take time to dream-It is what the future is made of ......."

chattels   “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11  " .......... hope and a future.”

chattels   I pray for you all as I pray for myself. God bless us everyone.

chattels   So much for philosophy and spirituality today. Have a fine day all.