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Larrykn   KRG trying to halt Turkish strikes, Iranian shelling: Masoud Barzani

larrykn   Captured ISIS commander admits beheading 3 Kurds: ministry

larrykn   Oil prices fell by a Chinese economic data disappointing expectations and rising stockpiles of America

Economy news _ Baghdad  Oil prices fell on Wednesday by Chinese economic data disappointing expectations and rising us crude oil stockpiles, which wiped out some solid gains made the previous session's crude after the United States said it would suspend tariffs on certain Chinese products than Caused the decline of trade tensions.

By the time 0639 GMT, Brent crude slipped 46 cents or 0.8 percent to $60.84 a barrel, after rising 4.7 percent on Tuesday registered the biggest percentage gain since December December.

Us oil fell 62 cents or 1.1 percent to 56.48 dollars per barrel, having increased four percent in the previous session, the biggest rise in more than a month.

China announced a series of unexpected weak data for July July, including a sudden drop in industrial output growth to the lowest level in more than 17 years, underscoring the widening economic weaknesses with the escalating trade war with the United States.

Analysts said the sell-off to profit-taking after strong gains made Tuesday also pressed oil on crude prices on Wednesday.

Crude oil prices rose on Tuesday after the standard President Donald Trump set deadline in September first September to impose tariffs of 10% on some products which affects about half the list of Chinese goods worth 300 billion dollars targeted by the fees.

The Petroleum Institute data showed that us crude oil inventories rose last week, contrary to expectations.

The Petroleum Institute said crude inventories increased by 3.7 million barrels to 443 million barrels, compared with analysts ' expectations, declining 2.8 million barrels.

larrykn   Oil drops by fears of weakening demand but efforts to cut support prices

Economy news _ Baghdad   Oil prices fell on Tuesday, exceeding the impact that limited gains recorded in the previous meeting where expectations of slowing demand against hopes to support producers ' prices by cutting oil production.

By 0643 GMT crude futures down global measurement Brent 48 cents or 0.8 percent from the last adjustment to 58.09 dollars a barrel.

Futures dropped to WTI 41 us cents or 0.8 percent compared with the previous settlement to $54.52 a barrel.

She said Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer in the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC), late last week that it intended to keep crude exports below the 7 million barrels a day in August August September September to help drain global oil stocks.

Analysts expect such prices Kingdom supports Saudi Aramco floated plans which may be the biggest throw in the first in the world.

OPEC and its allies or the group known as OPEC oil production cut + agreed by 1.2 million barrels a day since January 1 last January.

But the huge increase in us shale oil production still discourage efforts to reduce global supply glut which adversely affects prices.

As oil prices retreated by grim Outlook on the global economy and oil demand growth amid escalating trade dispute between the United States and China.

larrykn   MP says gov't failed to implement plan during first year

larrykn   Blasts at pro-Iran faction’s arms store in Baghdad ‘were deliberate’: Official

larrykn   Anbar: 15 ISIS insurgents killed, captured

futuremoney   larrykn "gov't failed to implement "...that's an understatment

larrykn   New series of arrests launched against Baha'i community in Iran

Larrykn   lots of trouble over there for investors to come in, I'm not sure about this Sept date everyone is talking about.

 larrykn   Iraqi militias take down Baghdad’s godfather of gambling

Portmagaland   Good morning guys. This Saturday vets from all over the country led by Joe Biggs, will come to Portland, Oregon, to deal with Antifa. However, Mayor Wheeler will not have the police stand down this time. Instead, Mayor Wheeler is going to protect Antifa with the police.

In past conflicts in Portland, Mayor Wheeker had the police stand down and let Antifa have carte blance in Portland. Either way, Civil War II might actually kick off on Saturday in Portland. You see, us vets aren't cool with Antifa rocking the Sickel flag and pushing their communist, facicist, socialist agenda. Get ready for the biggest showdown at high noon on Saturday. Cheers!

Doug_W   Nice try Pal


Doug_W   Portmagaland that's just sick!

Portmagaland   That's an article from the crazy local Antifa supporting newspaper highlighted what's about to go down.

Doug_W   I hope those vets KICK theur as s

Portmagaland   You can Google it. Theres tons of articles about it.

Portmagaland   The problem now with Google, if you havent notice, is Google has cut-out all the good articles about the Vets coming to reclaim Portland as American and paints the Vets like wacked out radicals, while Antifa is a group of guys you can have over for tea with Grandma.

Doug_W   I wonder where Google will get its revenue after they commies take over and introduce socialism?

Portmagaland   I called Mayor's Wheelers office two months ago told after Antifa took out a Vet lawyers office who defended ICE. Antifa stuck a house through the mailbox drop in the door and just ruined his office. I tol Wheelers office that if they control Antifa, it's just a matter of time before us Vets do because we took an oath, enemies foreign and domestic.

Doug_W   amen we did

Tebow   Tebow old but well armed

Portmagaland   I called that attorneys Los Angeles office Avenetti, two years ago, told his secretary to brush up her resume and say she never worked for Avenetti. His LA office closed awhile back. Called that one, just like I called the Vets coming to Portland to handle Antifa.

Portmagaland   It looks like Trump is going to break up the big tech companies like they did with Bell phone company in the 80s or 70s, I was a little kid back then, so I dont remember too well.

Doug_W   Silver:$17.32

Portmagaland   Just heard Isreal bombed an Iranian weapons depot that was being protected in Baghdad. You guys hear abything?

Doug_W   not been near TV

Portmagaland  Paul Begley on youtube just reported it

 Portmagaland   Apparently Trump green lighted it.

Tebow   Portmagaland don't think Israel needs Trumps permission

futuremoney   Portmagaland that was a couple days ago

Portmagaland   Tebow They dont, I just meant Trump was cool with it.

Portmagaland   futuremoney Oaul reported Monday it happened, so yeah a couple of days ago. I must of missed it. Why they just reporting now?

 Portmagaland   China is about to invade Hong Kong with troops.

futuremoney   always takes them while for some reason...maybe nobody cares about the middle east

Portmagaland   And vets are going to invade Pirtland. World is on fire.

Matt   Doug_W Ouch Dow Jones Industrial Average

INDEXDJX: .DJI 25,689.29 −590.62 (2.25%)

Doug_W   it will be back investers are "knee jerk" reactors

Sparky, buy, traders daydream...

Sparky   ... volatility will make some new millionaire s..

Sparky   ...all in on the Spyders...  ...indexes...

Sparky   ...bong still going strong...real good bud.

Sparky   ...did you know that "Hong Kong"...means nice smell...back from opium days...?

Sparky   ...tea trading from England...?

Sparky   ...heard IMIS raided Baghdad gambling / drug den...Shammiri wouldn't pay Iranian influence... what the what ?

Tebow   Sparky so King Kong is really King Smell?

Sparky   ... Hong Kong... fragrant harbor...

Sparky   Tebow ... know anything about history ?

Doug_W   Sparky I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do

Doug_W   its in the past

Sparky   Doug_W ... I know you do, please be patient...

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