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KCSuccess:  Interbank FX rates, What are they? "A Different Economic Reality" .

The interbank exchange rate is called that because it's the rate that banks use when they're trading large amounts of foreign currencies with one another. Unfortunately, this rate is pretty much always reserved for big banks and Wall Street big shots trading currencies in huge quantities.

The interbank rate is the constantly fluctuating price at which banks trade currencies with each other. Unfortunately for consumers, most banks charge up to a 5% margin on the interbank rate when they send your money overseas, which could cost you hundreds depending on the size of your transfer.

LounDebnc:  If you would like to dive deeply into this subject.
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Firegirl1998:  Union Bank in Iraq on ATM

This is also the whole link in MasterCard that Ton y did the screenshot


Tishwash:  remember when we used to hear about the giant screens and get so excited? hahaha  now this is for a soccer match but who knows what else they could should show? Hmm

Giant screens in public places in Karbala to watch the final of West Asia

Te province of Karbala, monument and the creation of giant screens in several places in the city so that fans can watch the final of the 9th Asian Sale Championship for West Asian Football Federation for men between Iraq and Bahrain.

The move comes, so that fans who will not be able to come to the game, to watch if he was in one of the public places of the holy city . 

The match will take place at 8:30 pm on Wednesday at Karbala International Stadium , where it is hoped that the game will witness a large crowd.   link



Pmac:  Good evening KTFA.  I'm not on the forum as much I used to be, but my study with KTFA has not wavered.  We all know Iraq is done.  They have been done.  We have reached a point of logical explanation for our investments that can be summed up with a Twitter post by a follower of Christ and an Anon from the 8Chan Q research.  I have always suspected that the world needs to change in a massive way for the IQD to enter (back) into it's international recognition.

If you don't know what the DECLAS is, I suggest you ask somebody who follow's Q research.  After having listened to Kim Clements prophesy about the IQD, there has always been one phrase that has compelled me to believe in this investment more than ever.  "And they'll say why?  Why now?... Even when things seem at their worst, I will bring it forth and free them up!".  

What constitutes things looking at their worst?  Who is going to be freed?  How about a global takedown of elite bankers, pedophiles, and Satanic wolves who pose as Pastors, Church leaders, and criminal Presidents?  

The world will have a few years of freedom from the old cabal control and these "trade deals" are going to usher in baskets of currency values that find us on our knees praising YHWH!!! 

Family... we are close.  As Sensei F26 has said... SHE will be there at the end!!  Guantanamo, Diego Garcia, and the Atol islands will be the new home for those who have mocked God's law!!  Are you ready for an Elijah moment where the prophets of Baal are put to death?  

Are you ready for a Sampson moment where the temple of Dagon collapses on it's priests?  Before the end of this year, our country will not look the same.  I won't after what is exposed.  We have been in a covert WWIII where information is the front line and truth is a weapon just as the word of God is!!!  

I pray for protection and strength for all the patriots working on our behalf behind the scenes right now!!  Hang in there a little longer... It's going to get REALLLY turbulent the next 4-8 weeks and ongoing for a few months!!!  

Who knows how long after the takedown we have to wait, but we'll certainly be expecting the death to the old Bretton Woods / Petro Dollar system which will be replaced with some shiny new assets not under the manipulation of the cabal puppets!!!

All IMHO of course!! -Pmac 


Samson:  US, UK discuss trade pact starting after Brexit

2019/8/14 8:42 

Britain and the United States are discussing a partial trade deal that could take effect on Nov. 1, the day after Britain's exit from the European Union, a senior Trump administration official said.

During a visit to London, US National Security Adviser John Bolton discussed with British Trade Secretary Liz Terrace the possibility of the leaders of the two countries signing a declaration of a road map leading to a trade agreement.

This could happen on the sidelines of the G7 summit in France this month, the official said.  Bolton and British finance minister Sajid Javed discussed the possibility of an interim trade agreement covering all sectors, the official told reporters. He said such an agreement could last for about six months. 

Britain is due to leave the European Union on October 31 and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is ready to leave without an agreement, although he hopes for an exit by a deal. The current impasse with the EU leaves Britain facing a departure without any formal transition or legal agreement covering issues such as trade, data transfers and border policy, prompting some companies to warn that their operations could be damaged. 

During his two-day visit, Bolton told the British prime minister that US President Donald Trump wanted to see a successful Brexit on October 31 and that Washington was ready to work quickly on a US-UK free trade agreement. 

Bolton, who left Britain, sought to improve relations between the United States and Britain under the leadership of Johnson after sometimes strained ties between Trump and former British Prime Minister Theresa May.

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union in what will be its biggest geopolitical shift since World War II, many diplomats expect London to become increasingly dependent on the United States.   LINK


Iraqi Dinar going International w/ Mastercard

Vital Brad:  Published on Aug 12, 2019

Union Bank of Iraq Announces prepaid Mastercard to be used worldwide


Michael Pento - Confidence in Central Banks Obliterated

Greg Hunter:  Published on Aug 13, 2019

Economist and money manager Michael Pento says, “We have gone from 100% confidence in central banks in 2009 . . . that notion has been completely eradicated, eviscerated and obliterated. The faith in central banks, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan and the Fed is almost completely gone. If you want proof, look at the dollar price of gold, and look at the price of gold in all other currencies around the world that it is measured in.”