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Samson:   Kurdish delegation visits Baghdad to resolve the budget and oil
18th August, 2019

The deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bakhtiar Shaways on Sunday, the two most important files to be carried by the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to Baghdad, which will visit in the coming days.

Shaways said in a press statement that "the two main files are, the oil differences between Baghdad and Erbil, and the draft budget 2020," noting that "work is continuing to calm and agreement and find an appropriate solution to these two files and other files, because the two parties agreed earlier to settle the differences instead of Deepening them. "

He added: "In the coming days before us a round of negotiations and the Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad in order to reach a solution to the differences, and I think that the views between the parties are close."   LINK


Samson:  Deputy Basairon Abdul-Mahdi: Your deadline is over and you have to take responsibility for your government

18th August, 2019
The deputy of the alliance of Sairon Riad Mohammed, on Sunday, the end of the evaluation period for the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, calling on the government to take responsibility for the poor performance in the file of fighting corruption and the provision of services. 

Mohammed said in a statement to the information, that "the coalition of Saiiron strongly supports all the issued by the leader of the Sadr movement, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr on the performance of the government." 

"The period granted to the government, which is a full year, is over and the prime minister must take full responsibility for failing to fight corruption, improve the performance of the local economy and provide services," he said. 

Al-Masoudi said, "The government failed to maximize the state's economic resources as planned in the budget, as well as the lack of reform of factories and lack of seriousness in the fight against corruption," noting that "the coalition is determined to hold accountable all negligent and corrupt during the next legislative term."    LINK

Samson:  Parliamentary services accuse the Minister of Transport of corruption: will be questioned in the next legislative term
18th August, 2019
A member of the parliamentary services committee, Mahmoud Mulla Talal, on Sunday, August 18, 2019, accused the Minister of Transport Abdullah Laibi of corruption, stressing that he has documents to prove it.

Talal said in a press statement that "the Minister of Transport is unable to manage the ministry," stressing "the possession of documents proving his involvement in corruption."

He pointed out that "significant violations have been detected in the contracts of transport companies and aircraft repair," noting that "will be questioned the Minister of Transport at the beginning of the next legislative term."

Talal said that "the work of the ministry did not move one step."   LINK


Samson:   Nineveh Council: More than 7 thousand widows and 23 thousand orphans in the province

18th August, 2019
Nineveh Provincial Council announced on Sunday the registration of more than 7 thousand widows and 23 thousand orphans throughout the province, stressing the absence of financial allocations for their inclusion in social welfare programs.

Council member Hossam al-Abbar told Al-Maaloumeh that the latest statistics conducted in Nineveh province indicate that there are more than seven thousand widows and more than 23 thousand orphans.

He added that "these people need care, but the financial allocations prevent the provision of any social programs to care for them," noting that "those families live on what is provided to them by the people and relief organizations."

Alabbar warned that “some orphans are drifting into organized crime gangs if many are left to beg in the streets and are not cared for by the government.” LINK

Samson:  Economist: Budget 2020 will turn the country to an open market for international capital

18th August, 2019
Economic expert Jassim Mohammed, on Sunday, that the draft federal budget law for 2020 will turn the country into an open market for international capital.

Mohammed said in a statement to the information, that "the government will make an economic mistake in the budget of 2020 being a similar version of the budgets of previous years, as it was allocated for investment only 2%, in addition to the absence of development," pointing out that "the budget is no longer in the hands of competent and this matter Negatively affects its financial estimates.”

He added that "the government's fiscal policy in the preparation of federal budgets will turn the country to an open market for international capital," noting that "the preparation of the budget needs specialists to avoid recurring financial errors."

The parliamentary strategic planning committee, on Wednesday, attributed the high deficit of federal budgets to the absence of planning experts and the economy in the numbers of budgets, while showing that the surplus and deficit is estimated and away from reality.

Earlier, the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed a large deficit in the budget of 2020 to reach 72 trillion dinars, after a year characterized by prosperity was a deficit of 27 trillion guesses compared to what is expected next year.  LINK

Jay:  Open mkt .    <--- = BOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!! 

Open Mkt -

In an open market, the pricing of goods or services is driven predominantly by the principles of supply and demand with limited interference or outside influence from large conglomerates or governmental agencies. Open markets go hand in hand with free trade policies, which are designed to eliminate discrimination against imports and exports. Buyers and sellers from different economies may voluntarily trade without a government applying tariffs, quotas, subsidies, or prohibitions on goods and services, which are considerable barriers to entry in international trade.


 Jay: Today we also see that the frozen assets is enough to cover the budget deficit for 2020. So no worries there. She's a cookin….imo

Wishes:  not to be discouraged or negative but every years we all look for the budget, and guess what every year they pass the budget but without it actually opening it, it doesn't mean a thing, look at 2019 budget, they still haven't even open and start talk about  2020 being the open market, remember back in 2018 they said they approved the budget in record time in the history, well seems to me it doesn't mean a thing if they don't open it. what i'm trying to say is don't get overly excited just because they post something and had "international, open market, or mastercard" etc on it. talking is one thing, and actually doing it is another, so just wait and see. i only believe it when i see it.  

Jay:  Hello Wishes. No worries. I've been in this for almost 7 years my self. While you are absolutely correct, I think you may have miss understood my meaning. This IS a UUUUUGE choice of words for an economist to be using.  IMO.

Open market" and "Open Budget" are completely different animals. The United States is an "open market" for example. I think you are referring to "opening the budget".

I have never saw Iraq use those words when talking about an up coming budget. I totally get your meaning and I share your feelings towards Iraq and budgets. lol   We wait either way. Blessings.

Samson:  Political stability and our international relations

18th August, 2019 by Confident Jabri
Iraq has finally succeeded in building balanced relations with regional and active countries in the region, and proved that it is the axis of moderation and does not tend to party at the expense of another .. Or so trying .. It is a country of regional stability and investment, but its external success can not be achieved, without the need for other factors , To be a suitable platform for sustainable relationships.

The nature of political relations is based on economic, industrial, commercial and security partnerships.

The steps taken by the states are virtually binding, and no internal party can object to them. An active partner, and can not wait in the light of an international race on the Iraqi arena, and the presence of investment opportunities, which open the doors of the relationship between the parties, and take a stand by sure that it will fill his free from the partner.

The Iraqi government, too, offered a number of investments, and signed several agreements, but is subject to implementation and success by several internal factors, in order to proceed and implement its commitments; three main factors, namely stability, legislation and fighting corruption.

Iraq may have reached a state of security stability that allows companies to work in Iraq, but political stability is the most important, which often leads to insecurity, a pretext for terrorist acts, and the apparent political differences will give a bad impression of The Iraqi state, in irresponsible rivalry, does not provide a suitable ground for the confidence of the partner, and shows the weakness of the state, and lack of confidence in its partnership, in light of the overall statements, which are directed to the investor countries, or the reality of the intensity of political differences, and show Iraq as a collapsed state, can not be invested .

The other obstacle to investment and international partnership are those laws that hinder investment, undermine projects in the bureaucracy of red tape, and give way to corruption and blackmail, and they need legislation that allows investment and building balanced relations with countries on the basis of common interest, and Iraq's interest in priority. Corruption remains the most important and perhaps the most dangerous factor, and may divert project funds into mafias. .

All three factors have an impact on Iraq's investment of a historic opportunity, in a stable and invested environment that attracts international competition. Corruption has been severely hit and its mafias prevented from interfering in the nature of international partnership.   LINK

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