IQDCalls Chat Early Friday  8-16-19  

IQDCalls Chat Early Friday  8-16-19    

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Andre_front   nothing have change in this group chat same old same old people trying to find ways to justify the truth has a nightmare or telling their self its not happening and this is why a lot of people going to get worse then 2008 with that type of mindset

Andre_front    Why everybody’s worried about a recession again

Is a recession coming in 2019? Perhaps.   By Emily Stewart Aug 15, 2019, 11:20am EDT    Share this story

Andre_front   im not even gonna waist my time trying to explain nothing cause nothing have changed next month ice breaker beginning of the recession if you was taking it as a joke the joke will be on the haters


Andre_front   I would of teach your the whole system but your not my wife my kids or in my click so the ones that's not safe that have no body part of whats coming or take things has a joke I feel sorry for them got to go

mod   this video will make you laugh we all need once in a while

Matt   Dow Jones Industrial Average   INDEXDJX: .DJI  25,579.39 +99.97 (0.39%) ^

Matt  Bitcoin (BTC)   $10,347.12 USD (2.26%)

Silver Price per Ounce $17.26 €15.46   Gold: $1,505.44

Tebow   'im not even gonna waist my time'. say What?

Portmagaland   I listen to Field McConnell show Abel Danger. He's going after pesos bigtime and recently has had guests talking about their experiences with the system snatching their  kids who end up being exploited in bad ways. Well his guest named a bad dude today, who happened to be running for 2020.

 Field said this morning on his show he'd take care of this sick F'r and I just stumbled on this story and all I have to say is *! Field works fast:  

Portmagaland   Pedo a spell check changes to pesos

Chattels   Good news ! ................ Iraq Business News, Market Review " IMF Revises Growth Estimates Higher ", ..................... " .............the expected recovery in 2019/2020 would be much stronger than estimated earlier with GDP growing at +4.6%/+5.3% instead of +1.7%/+2.0%."  

chattels   Perhaps more than any other factor, Iraq’s water resources will define the country’s future. @PeterHarling traces the social, political, & historical roots of a deepening crisis Nature’s insurgency

Water wanted in the land of plenty   Peter Harling


 chattels   Iraq, as a society, sprang from an abundance of water. Its ancient name, Mesopotamia, literally means “between the rivers” ...........................

chattels   Today, this bountiful legacy is a relic of the past. Iraq’s water supply is growing ever more precarious and yet the country continues to consume—and pollute—as if there were no tomorrow.

This abuse of Iraq’s most precious resource implicates every rung of state and society and threatens every aspect of people’s lives—from food security and public health to geopolitics and even oil extraction.

chattels   “And now comes nature’s insurgency.”

Larrykn   chattels matter of fact I believe I read they are filling that dam now, I think this should help with their water crisis

larrykn   The stability of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar

Economy news _ Baghdad   The dollar exchange rate recorded Friday stable dinar in Bursa and local markets.

The dollar price in stock exchange struggle, 120 000 and 100 dinars for $100.

Sale and purchase prices in local markets on Friday: sale price: 120 000 and 500 dinars.

Purchase price: 119 000 and 500 dinars.

larrykn   The times warns world on the brink of economic recession is imminent.

Arab and international   Economy news _ Baghdad The British Times newspaper warned, through an editorial, Friday, of a new global economic crisis.

The newspaper said that bond markets were strong indications, but signs letter one really hear, but today for the first time ever dropped the yield on 30-year bonds in the United States about 2 percent.

The paper said that the markets react with a string of economic data pointing to a slowdown in the global economy, indicating that the manufacturing output in China this year has dropped to the lowest in 17 years.

The newspaper pointed out that the German economy shrank by 0.2 percent in the second quarter of this year, and the same is the case in Britain.

According to the paper, the current period there is concern worldwide, fearing an imminent economic recession, but in Britain the most anxious, so you are about to leave the European Union and the challenges of the economy.

larrykn   Have a great day all , enjoy your weekend :)

Portmagaland   Good morning peeps. Its starting to get real in Oregon. We are fighting back against their bull**** so ial agenda were they take your preschooler without parents consent and try to make them transgender. Theres a million dollar suit going on about this.

Portmagaland    LINK 

 Portmagaland   We are trying to kick our Govenor out of office that's the article slanted by Huff post

Portmagaland   However, Mayor Wheeler in Portland is already arresting Patriots ahead of Saturdays show down


Portmagaland   Theres was a fight between Proud Boys and Antifa, Wherler ain't arresting Antifa. Wonder if Wherler is going to arrest all the decorated vets that show up on Saturaday and let Antifa trash the city in typical fashion.

Portmagaland   We are fighting for our country!

larrykn   Portmagaland thats sad to hear, good luck up there

larrykn   I have to go up to Portland in Jan, not looking forward to it

Andre_front   @matt im from florida I just turn 24 agust 8 but for some reason im just a quick learner and I understood the system fast and early  -- I have a daughter turning 7 in two years - shes 5 now  - shes in Canada --  and tw111 this the same andre --  just new success - new mindset but same attitude

I understand the system so have you guys seen they've been talking about the recession another rate cuts for the u.s. dollar to be weaken and that's right before Iraq break off the ice  --  that's why next month its call ice breaker --  this month was hot month –

 it was a preparation for things to go smooth sweet and ready to take off for the foreign investors --  2008 was home investors history always repeat itself -- its whos in office and how you capitalize from it that counts

Andre_front   also have a future wifey

Andre_front   to answer your questions next month it’s a great month but not great for the haters etc - especially if you don't know how to protect your funds  -- so sorry for being so honest --  I was trying to help people from not having an affect on their self like 2008 --  but its always the same people prefare to hate instead of capitalize  --  and Donald trump its 1 of the great president from Abraham Lincoln time that tell his people the truth and willing to help even  hes helping his self also

 Andre_front   Global Recession Risks Are Up, and Central Banks Aren’t Ready


Andre_front   they say that but that's half of the truth after mid 2021 when all foreign countries will rise that will be the reset but nothing collapsing Donald trump his campaign and etc its re writing the history basically they making it seems like its the same mistakes but its going to be greater-- 

 its just the people that didn't capitalize from it and prefer to hate going to have an affect but for few years that's it --  its a system that cant be stopped -  what matters its whos in the office to direct the system to good or worse but it wont be good for the haters

Andre_front   well got to go maybe 1day you will do your research on going deep into the system to understand it but nothing its going to collapse -- even when the dollar weaken it would have more stability then before -   after everything fulfil so Iraq break off the ice and then after that the rest of the foreign countries will follow his foot step --  just like 2008 it started with U.S. the financial crisis  --

then it spread like aids  --  come this time its currency crisis It will start off with foreign countries then spread again  -- but come Iraq its the ice breaker  --  and the face of the GCR --  they have to start it off and that's why this month its call hot month because it was getting ready for what to come so when ever you hear them saying throw the U.S. dollar away...…….. well   got to go

Andre_front   JP Morgan says dump US dollar as its century of global dominance coming to end

Andre_front   Politics   Donald Trump to Meet With J.P. Morgan’s Dimon, Other CEOs on Friday    Meeting with CEOs is part of the president’s focus on jobs, economy

Andre_front   its all lies some of the media they wont most people to stay dump stupid retarted and broke because that's the only way they could control you -- so when I see you guys here are no help either to have more people to be safe im like oh well the truth don't have a time on-- 

when it need to be said as long as its said  --  so maybe some people will be awaken when they think its the right time for them because after Iraq break off the ice they will still have time before all foreign countries who agreed on this GCR for them not to miss out  --

remember they tell you when the storm or the hurricane is coming its up to you to be protected --  well have a good day may god bless you so the jokes will be on the haters unless they capitalize and start taking things seriously well bye now