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larrykn   US and Israel are attacking Iranian targets in Iraq - Arutz Sheva

Dave   larrykn slow on the news i see....

larrykn   Lawmakers urge Trump to stop deportations to Iraq after Aldaoud's death

larrykn   Dave yes not much out there

Dave   when does the next session resume?

larrykn   not sure , I thought it was in Sept

larrykn   Iraqi counter-terror force kills 10 ISIS militants in Anbar

Dave   thought so....


Sparky   larrykn Israel behind the attacks on Iranian military Stockholm's in Bagdad...

larrykn   Sparky thats what I got out of it

Sparky   *stochholds

larrykn   Placeholder for wisdom: next legislative term informative interviews

Mp about stream wise Abbas srot, Tuesday, the next legislative term will replace a number of Ministers due to their unconvincing for the Government and the House of representatives and even citizen.

Srot said, "the next legislative term will be full of interrogations of many Ministers who completed his files", pointing to "provide some of them formally to the Council Presidency to make an appointment after the legislative recess.

"The interrogation is a healthy phenomenon to assess Government action and are an inevitable consequence of vinegar in the performance of some Ministers," adding "srot there are many indications of some Ministers in performance and engagement with the work of law enforcement administration ministries.

Sparky   larrykn USA, Israel chance to usurp Iran...Saudi is on board...

Larrykn   Sparky Israel will never let Iran have Nukes, they will destroy them first

Sparky   larrykn .. Israel is hot to shut down Iran...with USA and Suadi support...

Sparky   larrykn ...mi 6 usually takes out their scientist s...

Sparky   larrykn ...Kim , n Korea.. has no clue what is in store for him...

Dave   the IAEA states that Iran is compliant?

Dave   no    WMD?

Sparky   ... wouldn't want to be a STEM student in

Sparky   ...marked target's...

Sparky   Dave Bush ,W, ruined Col Powell's reputation , regarding WMD...made him a scapegoat...

Sparky   Dave warfare mastermind to date...he was played by the...


Solution   A Perfect Solution To Solve All Economy Problems & Satisfy All Government, But With A Price


Solution   All kind of economy problems from the all around the world like the US, UK, France, Italia, Spain, etc. has the same root problem. After quick review last few days, I can now easily tell that I have a perfect solution to solve all of that problems easily, with full explanation & will 100% going to satisfy all kind of Government both in public & secret.

But it has a price: 7 billion GBP (United Kingdom Pounds).

No take any money if the solution I will present not “satisfy” you guys. Here I mean all nations will like it, not just the East or West.

The effect will easily see by the unemployment job rate, I can guarantee fall below 2% in all location it implemented within 24 months.

All kind of blaming & thinking for currency money rate, tariff, new digital money system, blame this that I have seen on the media is not the way to go.

Tebow    I'll pass!

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